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Arya Samaj and The TS-6 (Reformatted)

Jul 05, 2012 10:48 PM
by MKR

Arya Samaj - 6

It is a misconception that we accept as members Muslims, Jains and others
who have not yet got rid of hatred and contempt. We never accepted those
who do not clearly declare that they will allow all men to worship
according to their convictions and will treat them as brothers just as they
do their co-religionists. It is true that very few Muslims and Christians
have joined the TS, just as few people have joined the AS.

My personal religious or, as you may say, irreligious views have nothing to
do with the TS, for I never ask anyone to accept my views. As I have said
above, our Society is neither a religious or a communal body.

We have proved our devotion to you by affiliating the branches of our
society to the AS and made you the Supreme Head of it. The AS has done
nothing in return, but you now openly preach against the TS and say it is a
hostile body, which it is not. I fully believe that I have answered all
your objections and express my sincere desire that friendly relations may
subsist between you and us.

If you so desire we will, beginning with this year, remove your name from
our papers and rules as the Supreme Head of the TS of the AS, and notify to
our friends in England and America that you do not wish to remain such
Supreme Head. But I shall not do that till you tell this to me in writing.

Swamiji made a reply to this letter in his one dated 17 March 1881 wherein
he says:

If you have not changed your opinion, then you must have concealed it. I
know it as a fact that when you talked to Mulji Thakersay, you did believe
in God, but you did in Meerut shows that the fact is quite the contrary.

The AS believes in the Vedas. There is no change in its aims. Brotherhood,
which is your chief ideal, can not be achieved in practice, so long as
religious prejudice and hatred do not completely disappear.

The object of the diploma was only that the TS wished to become a branch of
AS. As that thing is no longer so, what is the use of talking about it?
Moreover, I simply acknowledged receipt of the diploma but I did not accept
your membership.

I do not wish to found a new religion. I only preach the eternal Vedic
Faith. -- I do not care for any position except that of a preacher. You
mention me sometimes as a member, sometimes as something else. I do not
want any credit or praise. What I want is itself is a great thing and I
hope my work may be successful by God's grace.

" One of the Hindu Founders of the Parent Theosophical Society " in his
observations on the contradictions found in the articles published in The
Arya, Pandit Dayanand's organ in April and May 1882, comments thus, after
bringing out the inconsistencies made therein:

This very same Wisdom-Religion, and none other, they (TS) are professing
now, in 1882. Certainly the friends of the TS are indebted to the Swami for
proving by the publication of the President-Founder's and other letters to
him of the year 1878, how identical are the Founders' views at that period
with those they are confessing today. And, if one chose to go back even of
the Society's foundation, the exposition of the Esoteric Doctrine, or
"Wisdom-Religion" of antiquity, which is made in Isis Unveiled -began prior
to that foundation- will be found to differ, in no substantial respect,
from the exposition that Colonel Olcott has made in all his addresses
throughout the annual tour from which he has not yet returned to

When it is PROVED to them that (a) Swami Dayanad Saraswati's
interpretations of the Vedas contain that very "Wisdom-Religion"; (b) that
from the time of his publication of his first work on the religion of the
Vedas, and his exegesis of its secret meanings, he has never contradicted
himself upon any point; and (c) that from the first pages of his Sathyartha
Prakasika - his Yajurveda Bhashya, &c., down to the last page of the
latest issue of his Veda Bhashya - he teaches an identical doctrine, then
will it be time to expect the Theosophists, to be his disciples - as upon
original misconceptions they were ready to be - and accept their teachings
from no other "Maha Muni." --- During the last year(1881) from April to
December, Colonel Olcott was at Ceylon, and therefore, could not have been
at Meerut.

It was in September 1880, - more than 20 months ago - that the Pandit
Dayanand Saraswati was told plainly the truth (as he had been told before,
and even written to, from America, when the Society had at last learnt what
kind of God was the Iswar preached by him) - to wit; that the Founders
neither then believed, nor ever had believed, in a personal God. the Swami,
though himself denying most emphatically his belief in a personal deity,
(the witnesses of the Founders are two English theosophists who talked with
him at Benares), nevertheless endows his "Iswar" with all the finite
attributes of the Jewish Jehovah.

But why should the learned Swami have waited for over twenty months before
protesting?- - - The Founders - as the whole public have known for seven
years - firmly believe in Karma, which is but another name for that
mysterious law of Absolute Justice which punishes sin and rewards virtue.
But they refuse belief in a personal God, whose sole occupation seems to be
to keep himself 'happy' and 'joyous'. With "Karma" as an active principle,
and the term 'evolution' instead of 'creation' used, the "Eternal Divine
Essence," which Colonel Olcott speaks of, in his letter of June 5, 1878,
when he commits the error of mistaking Swamiji's "Iswar" - as depicted to
him by Swami's followers - for that "Essence" or PARABRAHM - becomes
necessarily an impersonal Deity.

The Founders maintain that they do believe in the very Divine PRINCIPLE
taught in the Vedas; in that Principle which is described at the outset in
the Rigveda Samhita - which is "neither entity nor non-entity," but an
ABSTRACT ENTITY, which is no entity, liable to be described by either words
or attributes. And as they entirely fail to recognize this eternal,
All-Pervading Principle in the "Iswar" of the arya Samajists - they run
away from it. The Swami knew their profession of faith since January 1878.
Again, I ask, why did he wait to protest for over three years, and never
said anything at that time?----

I assert that the PARABRAHM of the Vedanthins and the "Adi_Buddha" of the
northern Buddhists are identical. Both are Abstract Principles, or
non-entities; Makita and Nirvana being their immutable states; hence the
re-absorption of the human spark of Parabrahm or Adi-Buddha - called the
vulgar "soul" - into the Parent Flame whence it proceeded - an end so
eagerly sought for, under the synonymous terms of "Moksha" and "Nirvana".-
--- I close. The various and many accusations against the Founders
contained in the Arya will be contradicted officially, and upon documentary
evidence, and proven utterly false, in the July number of this journal,
should the President-Founder reach Bombay in time. Otherwise in the
following number."

Literature is for Portrayal of Philosophic Ideas.

Dr N C Ramanujachary (Srivirinchi)
Besant Gardens, The Theosophical Society, Adyar, Chennai 600 020
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