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AryaSamaj and TheTS-5 (reformatted)

Jul 03, 2012 08:50 PM
by MKR

A review of the situation:

We have seen that the sole object of the TS when it was formed in 1875 was
'to collect and diffuse a knowledge of the laws which govern the universe.'
Col. Olcott, writing in his Old Diary Leaves (vol.1, p.120) says:

The Brotherhood plank in the Society's future platform was, therefore, not
thought of; later on, however, when our sphere of influence extended so as
to bring us into relation with Asiatics and their religious and social
systems, it became a necessity, and, in fact, the cornerstone of our
edifice. The TS was an evolution, not - on the visible plane - a planned

Mr C Jinarajadasa, a past-president of the TS, writing on the event, in
1925, says:

The idea of Brotherhood appears, so far as the records show, for the first
time in 1878, in connection with the intended amalgamation of the Society
with Arya Samaj. However, after receipt of an English translation of the
rules and doctrines of this body, it became evident that the amalgamation
could not be carried out, owing to the sectarian character of the AS.

Even in 1878 (while at New York still), the position of amalgamation
discussed and Col. Olcott in his Old Diary Leaves (vol.1, p.398-401)
narrates the events with the following conclusion:

The TS resumed its status quo ante; and HPB and I drafted and the council
put out two circulars, one defining what the TS was, the other (dated
Sept.1878) defining a new body, the "TS of the AS of Aryavarta," as a
bridge between the two mother institutions, giving in detail the
translation of the AS rules, etc. and leaving our members perfectly free to
join the "link-Society," as I called it, and comply with its by-laws, or
not. The link-society had also to
abandon from functioning. Swamiji in his letter dated 14 July 1880 to Col.
Olcott and Madame Blavatsky says the following:

Now the Society which is the Vedic branch of the Theosophical Society is a
branch both of the Theosophical Society and the Arya Samaj; neither is the
theosophical society a branch of the Arya Samaj, nor is the Arya Samaj a
branch of the Theosophical Society. However, the Vedic branch of the
Theosophical Society is the connecting link between the Arya Samaj and the
Theosophical society. I will soon notify this in the AS and (it is hoped)
you will also make it clear in the theosophical society. It is not right
that this should remain a secret. The members of the AS, the Vedic branch,
and the TS should know and make it clear to all the precise relation
existing between them, so that no doubt in the matter may remain in any

In her letter to Swamiji from Simla, Madame Blavatsky wrote, on 8 October
1880, through B  Chhedilal, thus:

If our principles are in conflict with the principles of AS, it is only in
the fact that we theosophists respect the religion of every member, and
accept as members of our Society all whether they are Arya samajists or
Christians or Idolators. We never interfere with the members' religion
while Swamiji is a follower of his own religion and believes in the same
religion as the Arya samajees. We of course look upon Swamiji and every
Aryasamajist is in no way interfered with by his becoming a member of our
Society. In fact, Swamiji has been for two and half years, one of our most
respected members and Guru of many European and American Theosophists. As I
do not believe in a personal God (as creator or protector), I cannot join
your Samaj. Now wherein is brotherhood, which is so useful? Where do we
find noble and useful brotherhood; in the Society which all can join, or in
that in which is confined to a few people? --- Upto this time I believed
that Arya Samajists and Theosophists were brothers. Swamiji himself has
preached this and said so in his lectures and letters.

Swamiji made it clear in his letter dated 23 Nov. 1880 where he reiterated
what he said at Bombay already 'that he would never accept (nor accepted
earlier) the principles of any Society or Sabha except the eternal Vedic
faith of Aryavarta, for this is my soul's firm belief.' 'I may lose my
life, but I shall never turn against Vedic religion.' He had asked Col.
Olcott to cut off his name from wherever it was included as a member of the

Differences as to opinions on "personal god" came up the surface during
this period. Madame Blavatsky in her letter dated 17 January 1881 clarified
thus on this point:

These differences may not develop so far as to kill the desire implanted in
us by God to serve in India, which we are trying to do. --- We have not
changed our opinion of God, as the cause of all things visible, call him by
any name you like, God, Iswar, Parabrahman, and of Vedas as the fountain
head of all religions. --- Our meeting in Meerut revealed that so far as
the personality and attributes of God were concerned, there was difference
between you and us. We, however, are anxious are anxious to have friends,
who hold opposite views, may continue to entertain feelings of affection
and amity and do not interfere with our work. --- We formed a branch of our
society and appointed you head Acharya of it. We would have placed all our
society and Sabha under you, if, your Arya Samaj had been what we
originally understood it to be. Our
Society accepts as members, all men regardless of what faith they follow,
while your Society consists of Aryas and even amongst Aryas only those who
follow the Vedic Religion. Thus, as there was a fundamental difference
between the two societies we formed another society, which became a branch
of the Arya Samaj.

Our Society is not a religious body. As, however. It makes researches in
old sciences, so it studies and makes researches in old and new religions.
Hence, we never asked any Arya samajist to join us for religious purposes,
but we did ask some persons who are well wishers of their country to join
and help us, no matter whether they were Arya Samajists or Christians or
Muslims or Vedantists, and they were people who we thought loved Truth; but
we never in our dreams asked any one to abandon his faith.

Whatever my opinion of the Vedas is, I will never move away from it, my
love for and belief in things based on truth have become more and  more
firm. There is no necessity to discuss the question that the TS has turned
against the AS, for the notion is based on ignorance. We never thought of
such things.

(to continue)

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