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Theosophical Educational Activities in India

Jun 29, 2012 07:45 AM
by MKR

Here is a news item from India.

Vizag Round Table-77 has constructed a new building for the benefit of the
students of Theosophical Societyâs Vasantha Bala Vidyalaya (VBV) High
School near Gurudwara.

Chairman Ameet Mirpuri said that the ground plus one storeyed building
would have facilities to educate 400 under-privileged students of the
school. It was completed at a cost of Rs.40 lakhs.

MKR: Theosophical Society in India has been associated with education of
under-previleged student for a long time starting with Olcott School in
Adyar. This is in line with the basic object of helping the needy. It is
activities like this that reminds the public about the good work TS does.
You will rarely see much talk about occultism and higher worlds etc., which
the common man and women does not care much when living on paycheck to

It is time to ask about the activities of TS in the USA helping the needy.
It is such activities that bring good hearted people into theosophical

Here is the full article from Indian newsmedia.



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