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Re: theos-talk Press Releases Resource on Internet

Jun 26, 2012 09:38 AM
by M. Sufilight

A few views...

Yes. An interesting subject as I see it.

I recently came across the present day so-called ordinary scientific views on what previously was called Darwinism and similar...

Here is a short intro on Wikipedia:
Modern evolutionary synthesis
(Also called

So how do the occult teachings given by Blavatsky relate to this scientific world-view?
Almost the same as far as I can see it.

Yet. The earliest human came into existence about 6-7 million years ago if we follow present day ordinary science.
A few years ago only 2-3 millions var accepted at the outmost by ordinary science. So slowly science seem to meet the occult teachings given by Blavatsky and in the old Eastern Scriptures - like the PurÃnas, Asura-Maya's teachings and other ancient scriptures.
Yet, even this depends on how one define the term "human" or "thinking human being".

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: theos-talk Press Releases Resource on Internet

  It is a good practice to keep in touch with public and theosophists about
  news and other developments. In days of old, printed press releases were
  mailed to local news media in the hope they will find the info newsworthy
  and mention it in their publications and other means of distribution.
  Today, Internet has changed all that. With 24/7/365, anyone can distribute
  press releases as often as you want and at very little expense.
  Theosophists and theosophical organizations are not using this untapped
  resource, either due to ignorance or due to a belief that ancient wisdom
  connected matters should continue to be dealt with outmoded means.

  This morning I was surprised to find a resource on the Internet called Free
  Press Release which is in the business of distributing press releases for
  free as well as for modest fee. The press releases are indexed by search
  engines such as Google and that is how I learnt about it when a long time
  theosophical student put out a Press Release on â100 years old Human and
  Dino Evolutionâ pointing out the doctrine presented by H P Blavatsky.
  Thanks to Brend Tucker for bringing the service to our attention.

  More details of the Free Press Release can be found at: <>


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