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About Human-Being

Jun 19, 2012 06:22 AM
by Ramanujachary

 About Human-Being
Human being is, undoubtedly, a unique product in creation. As we see around, there is sub-human kingdom in many layers and a speculative angelic (deva-super human) kingdom too. A whole line of Deva kingdom also exists though we are not conscious of it - is a point made out by various mythologies around the world. All these `species' co-exist.  Human enjoys a `middle' position in the scheme of things in the universe or manifestation. He is termed `Human-being', and is an inseparable part of manifestation as any other fragment of it, but he is endowed with a potential to be `human'. A human being, by name, is as yet a human in his `form' but is to be supplemented or sustained in humanistic `quality' or `attitude' too and then alone becomes eligible for the full title of a Human being.

As `human-being' each one of us is inseparable from the manifestation and its totality. The Ultimate of our Existence is the attainment of Happiness, Joy or Bliss. This is also exemplified as `at-one-ment'. This suggests that we are one in the beginning; for certain reasons not known immediately, have become `many', and will not rest till we remerge into that original state of oneness. And that state is called in glory as "Bliss". This Supreme happiness ? BLISS ? is every one's birthright. This is a glorified statement; while we see misery, pain, and suffering very rampant and soaking the entire human `life and living'. Is there a way out, an avenue to regain the inherent right nature of ourselves? This need not be a philosophical riddle but is an actual matter of human social sequence in the locale of existence. We live in a seeming world of `opposites'. We move through a varied sets of circumstances, obtain `experiences'; make options - sometimes not worthwhile ? and take a long time to understand that there is a `middle-path', which is virtually an admixture of both sides and the same time `above the both.'

A point for deep consideration is that we are human-beings by form. Roads are open to us that we become Total-beings of Humanity. At the moment, we are psychic beings ? with emotions, feelings and thoughts; which make us live in the past or in the future; and are not noticeably watching the Significance of each Present Moment immediately before us. We can become total Men and Women of the World, and `we make the world.' As we are inseparable part of it, the Universe is well and worthily represented in every human-being. Each is a Cosmos/Universe in miniature. It need not sound a speculative or highly philosophical or an idle phrase.   
We can capture the Totality of Life, the Song of Life, its Harmony and Bliss. The pre-requisites include an understanding that: 
1.	We are Psychic-beings, not yet Humans.
2.	We can explore the Nature of Joy, Happiness and Bliss.
3.	What we are and what we can be is the Human Resource, explorable.
4.	Nature nurtures us in Several temperaments.
5.	We are the Diamond Souls in the stream of Humanity.
Theosophy provides the knowledge that this is not a speculated Ideal but is one that can be transformed into a Fact and an Actuality. This is the alchemy of human life.   

Dr N C Ramanujachary


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