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theological trilogy

Jun 18, 2012 04:11 AM
by Ramanujachary nallanchakravarti


The Theosophical Trilogy

The vast theosophical literature
has three books small in size but great in content. They are, in the
chronological order, The Light on the
Path, The Voice of the Silence
and At the feet of the Master. These three texts indicate the Path, the
way to prepare for it and the fulfillment. These books have been commented upon
primarily by Dr Annie Besant and C W Leadbeater ( Talks on the Path of
Occultism in 3 volumes) and by many theosophical writers later. In a general
introduction to the series, Dr Besant says: âWe both hope that they (the
comments) will prove useful to the aspirants and even to those above that
stage, since the talkers were older than the listeners and had more experience
in the life of discipleship. --- The more they are studied and lived, the more will be found in them.â
Though the commentaries were issued in their joint names, 

These texts contain statements
which men and women of the world are not prepared to accept readily. Theosophy
being the living wisdom, we will come to know how to live well and full by a
serious study and application of these principles in daily lfe. The texts are
specially aimed at aspirants on the Path. A preliminary look at the following
statement is advised at this stage.

  Name of the Text
  Light on the Path
  Voice of the Silence
  At the feet of the Master
  Author & Mode of writing
  Dictated by Master Hilarion to
  M C in English
  Derived and translated by HPB
  from a section of the Book of Golden Precepts. Three Addresses delivered
  by Aryasanga.
  J Krishnamurti wrote it from
  his memory of the teaching received from Master KH
  Date of 1st
  Adyar edition:1911
  To who dedicated
  Written for the personal use of
  those who are ignorant of the Eastern Wisdom and who desire to enter within
  its influence.
  Written for all disciples.
  Dedicated to the Few.
  To those who Knock

These texts
are intended to quicken the evolution of those who are serious on the Path. At the
feet of the Master, among the three, is the latest and is in wider
circulation. We shall look into the contents and their ethical impact in a
different section of the book.  

Dr N
C Ramanujachary


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