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Inner Govt. of the World

Jun 15, 2012 08:51 AM
by Ramanujachary nallanchakravarti

Inner Government of
the World


A concept brought into currency
and popularized by the Theosophical Society and its literature is that of an
âInner Government of the Worldâ. As we see several nations and different types
of governance on earth, the whole world is under a sort of governance by a
government which is not âvisibleâ yet tangible is the substantial theory that
is put forward. This Inner Government is composed of âWise Men made Perfectâ or
âAdeptsâ, Elder Men or The Masters of the Wisdom. Governance demands the body
divided into various administrative departments. While âRulingâ is one such,
the other is âTeachingâ and similarly there are several departments, branches
and sub-branches. The purpose is to assist the growth and development of
civilizations and to steer or monitor them on the Right lines. Theosophy speaks
of a Divine Plan which has emanated from the Universal Mind of The Absolute
(Reality), its carrying out of the plan worked out by this body of Wise-Men.
They do not âinterfereâ as such in the day to day administration but do
âinfluenceâ the men and women of the world who are the real âdoersâ
(performers) on the physical and psychological planes of Nature. They supply
ideas at the right time and to the right people, and besides, provide a field for
action and operation in the vast Nature around. The nature is divided into many
segments -- called planes -- based on the density of the matter composing it. 


Now the department of âTeachingâ
has a responsibility to oversee the intellectual development of men and women
of the world and eventually lead it to higher areas of âintuitionâ. They send
out messengers on to the earth to instruct, inform and educate the people. This
work is done periodically and in a constant flow, carefully watching the needs,
responses and ramifications. The advance in human thought in fields like
Science, Philosophy and Religion is because of this guidance. There will be
play and overplay of thought and a seeming balancing in all areas. 


Men and women of the world are
endowed with the capacity to understand things of nobler nature, beyond the
ordinary ken. This is natural to them. Yet, this capacity is âdormantâ or
âlatentâ and needs to be awakened slowly and steadily. The purpose of
âeducationâ and âcultureâ is this. These will be advanced to higher stages of
âunfoldingâ as one gets familiar with them. Knowledge about the material
objects and matters is well, but is not adequate; besides that of the physical
sciences (which include chemical and biological) the psychological (behavioral)
and the spiritual (occult and mystic) sciences is also needed. In other words,
a cursory knowledge of the Universe and its cosmology must be known. Knowing
that the human is not alone in the Universe or on the Earth, one should get to
understand the need for Right Relationship among all the constituents of and in
Nature. Starting from a small insect to the Absolute, (Pipilikadi Brahma
paryantam) there is inter-connectivity and interdependence. Realizing this
(making it real) is the endeavor before us, the Humanity.


Dr N C Ramanujachary






Literature is for Portrayal of Philosophic Ideas.

Dr N C Ramanujachary(Srivirinchi)

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