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An Approach to Understand -5

Jun 11, 2012 10:19 PM
by Ramanujachary nallanchakravarti

An Approach to Understand Theosophy -5.We do not advocate the conversion of men and women from
one religion to the other. We profess the study of all religions to help one
come nearer the stand that all religions basically are the same, and to take
one more step, an individual is born into one religion as he has something to
learn therefrom. In any view of the case, proselytism is not encouraged. 

All statements made in the name of theosophy and the
society are clearly mentioned to be 'postulates' or 'hypotheses' and they are
placed before the public for examination/consideration. No one is asked to
'believe' anything without proper examination. The same time it is also
indicated that it is not wise to reject anything without proper study,
examination and reflection. When one is not able to decide, there is nothing
wrong in keeping the judgement in suspension. What one would like to believe or
advocate must 'ring true' to oneself. It
is cruel to make one 'obey' the opinions of others. There is need for an honest
approach to the intellect and thereon to intuition. 'Gently to hear and kindly
to judge,' should be the working method. 

The philosophy of theosophy 'restores to the world the
Science of the Spirit.' It also 'illuminates the scriptures and doctrines of the
religions by unveiling their meanings, and thus justifying them at the bar of
intelligence, as they are ever justified in the eyes of intuition.' The major
contribution of Madame Blavatsky who, as we have noted already was the person
instrumental in formulating the theosophical philosophy, was to bring into
currency the 'metaphysical realism' and the workings on correspondences of the
Cosmos, World and the Individual. 

The objects of the Society are broad-based and cover
all facets of thinking 'for the total benefit' of humanity. A clear workability
is what we see in them and they do not stand on a high pedestal or in the
unreachable skies. Looking at the world and viewing the human situation, the
immediate transformation of the mind and its workings is an inescapable
necessity for the survival of humanity and the globe. 

                         Dr N C Ramanujachary


Literature is for Portrayal of Philosophic Ideas.

Dr N C Ramanujachary(Srivirinchi)

Besant Gardens, The Theosophical Society, Adyar, Chennai 600 020 

Phone: 044/24913584, Mobile: 9444963584

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