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Re: theos-talk Radha Burnier's Talk at Wheaton - Link to youtube

Jun 06, 2012 09:15 AM
by M. Sufilight


A few views of my own...

Well, a part from a few minor somewhat sectarian remarks!
But certainly all in all a very positive surprise to me - and - I think also to great many other persons who are not members of the Theosophical Society. These are my impression right now when I have just seen the video.

It is a bit telling that the TS seem to have problems to get its CENTRAL message across about being Absolutely non-sectarian and non-political, and the first main object of the Society. And, I think, the reasons are well-known among many these days. And the various lodges in various countries are not very helpful themselves in this regard as far as I can tell from watching their websites, which wuite many of the promote their very own orthodox sectarian theosophical teachings - and certainly,as I see it, give almost any reader the opposite impression of being non-sectarian. But these are as I said just my views.

But with the proper emphasis on these basic issues and the first Object - mentioned and emphasized by Radha Burnier I think the TS will be able to do better than it has done in the past few decades - both with regard to non-sectarian and non-political membership and ethics. 

Promoting the Montessori Schools aught never to be an article of faith or sectarian doctrine on any Theosophical lodge compound.
Simply because that goes against the non-sectarian aspect of the Theosophical Society - as it was originally formulated. The same withn any J. Krishanmurti schools and other schools. Keep the outside the compounds of any TS lodge.
But these are as I said just my views.

M: Sufilight

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  Here is the correct link for Radha Burnier's talk at Wheaton.



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