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Re: hindu post death rituals question

Jun 04, 2012 05:24 AM
by fernandosob

I suggest Rao Bahadur Janardan Sakharam Gadgil (The Theosophist VOL. I., No. 3 - DECEMBER, 1879), on "Hindu Ideas about Communion with the Dead," for a initial plain exposition of this question of earth-tied souls, or Pisachas.
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--- In, vimal balachander <vimal_b@...> wrote:
> Is there any mention among the theosophic texts about the elaborate post death rituals conducted by surviving hindu family members for the 'advancement' of the soul. The rituals in a shorter simpler form is also conduted annually and reasons cited are the same.
> Do these prayers and offerings really help the deceased? What i have read so far indicates,one can potentially harm a souls's progress by contacting thru mediums etc, by the same logic, then, do prayers help the progress?

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