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Theosophical Encyclopedia on the Web

Jun 02, 2012 03:39 PM
by Daniel

Theosophical Encyclopedia on the Web

The print edition of the Theosophical Encyclopedia was published in 2006 (Philip S. Harris, Vicente R. Hao Chin, Jr., and Richard W. Brooks, eds. Theosophical Encyclopedia. Quezon City, Philippines: Theosophical Publishing House, 2006. Pp. vii + 729). It was greeted with praise as "the most comprehensive single source of Theosophical knowledge ever published," with articles covering "a vast array of
different topics in useful depth." Another reviewer recommended, "It would be good to see this available online."

The good news is that the recommended online version is now under preparation. A new, expanded and even more improved version of the Theosophical Encyclopedia is being edited by John Algeo (General Editor), Vicente Hao Chin Jr. (Associate Editor), and Robert Ellwood (Consulting Editor). The expanded online edition will contain both
totally new articles and updates of those in the print edition. The print Theosophical Encyclopedia is a compilation of 1,200 articles by 110 authors. The online version will greatly exceed that, adding many new articles, all with sharp focus on Theosophical relevance and comprehensive coverage.


The print version can still be bought at:

Quest Books, Wheaton, Illinois, USA


The Theosophical Society in the Philipines

Blavatsky Study Center

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