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Re: theos-talk Understanding "globes' in the context of today's cosmology

Mar 31, 2012 07:07 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear vimal and friends

My views are:

I might be able to help you a little...
Let me seek to tell what I know and have learnt...

In the Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky she says that the seven-fold structure is the most logical one to use - although other schemes might be used. And that the seven-fold structure is for the whole Solar System, and all its visible and invisible planets, with which our little Earth is connected.
It is also said that there are different worlds outside the Solar system, and that in the Universe - one will find that the "Space-Substans"  structure is folded in different manners - then we have it in our Solar system. I can provide the references from the Secret Doctrine if it is needed. Other ideologies or hypotheises have different views. The known Hindu cosmological doctrine forwards a seven-fold Universe for the Whole Universe on various levels, and therefore differs a bit from Blavatsky's version in this respect. It is said that the Seven Rishi's are connected with the The Big Dipper outside the Solar system - and that it is related to very early days in our human Solar System.

Personally I have through inner experiences learnt that the number Seven ethically is the best suited for those who would like to learn about wisdom in this Solar System. There are seven notes in the scale of sound says science. There are seven holes in the craium of the human. There are all in all seven layers of skin says science. There are syv groups of Elements in the periodical table (something known about India thousands of years before modern science was in its cradle). Because of this the number of psychological types of humans are invariably divided into a seven-fold structure - sound and psychology are related. And above this - the old law written in Hermes-Pymander: As above so below. Is true in this time-based universe. The foetus are seven-fold in its structure. Colors are seven-fold in the rainbow. Humans have five senses + psychological Mind and the synthesis of the six, named Understanding = seven in all. And more...of the same. Humanity is about to develop psychological awareness.

See also:
"Again, the reader of the "Fragments" will be puzzled at the reference in the passage cited above to the twelve transformations of the planet. Twelve transformations will not at first seem to fit into the septenary divisions to which students of occultism under the new method have been accustomed. But the explanation simply is that the new method is very frank and outspoken about a good many points on which the old system has been very reserved and mysterious. The seventh form of all things has been regarded by the older school of occult writers as too sacred to be written about. A hundred and one quotations might easily be put together to show how profoundly they were impressed with the septenary idea, and what enormous importance they attributed to the number 7 in all its bearings.

H. P. Blavatsky wrote quite interestingly:
"Occultism divides the "Creators" into twelve classes; of which four have reached liberation to the end of the "Great Age," the fifth is ready to reach it, but still remains active on the intellectual planes, while seven are still under direct Karmic law. These last act on the man-bearing globes of our chain."
(The Secret Doctrine vol. II, p. 77)

And this is not understood in various 12-fold new Age groups these days.
There is the eternal limitless Universe. And the whole eternal limitless Universe is right here at your nose and within reach - if your consciousness with allow. So we are never alone. And our universe is a universe where we can count. In other universes in cosmos we might not be able to count and think.

All the many New Agers who claim to channel a Master or God from another Galaxy or a Star-Constellation might imagine they are right - but all of them - is as I understand it - merely channeling astral-lower mental galaxies - areas one can visit within our Solar System while astra-travelling etc. etc. Else they are deliberately lying seeling to earn money. And most of them never give their wisdom freely to other persons - they want money. As they say: Follow the money. (Smile.)

All the above are of course just my views. I present them from my heart seeking to promote altruism.
I will gladly change them if someone are able to prove them wrong.

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: theos-talk Understanding "globes' in the context of today's cosmology

  The billion stars in just our milky way and a possible half a billion planets and a very large number of earth like planets-these findings of today's cosmology-how do they integrate with the 7 globes concept? Is the 7 globe concept only for earth? Does that mean we are alone in this universe? 

  While the proposal of emerging from a single atom(Secret Doctrine)which splits into 7 and goes one splitting further,might find corraboration in recent cosmological findings and the concepts of multiverse, 11 dimensional space might find resonance with the theories of astral/mental/higher planes of vibration,the question of extra terristrial evolved life seems to be unresolved (at least explicitly) in theosophic texts that I have come across.While some might argue that such information is not relevant to one's own moral growth, one does need the answer in the context of understanding evolution.

  Am sorry if these questions sound naive to you,but I think am missing something fundamental here.


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