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Re: Understanding "globes' in the context of today's cosmology

Mar 30, 2012 07:46 AM
by Mark Jaqua

      Nobody active here probably even knows.   I'd say you are caught in being too materialistic  - the globes are on different levels of "ethereality," and not on the physical plane, except the lowest which we are on.  Theosophy holds the physical dimension as to be the least important, so to speak, as the grossest, or lowest - but in our life-experience, of course it is very important.
       One has to just keep studying or thinking to get an understanding one is satisfied with.  I don't understand it myself that well.

>2. Understanding "globes' in the context of today's cosmology
    Posted by: "vimal" vimal_b
    Date: Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:25 pm ((PDT))

>The billion stars in just our milky way and a possible half a billion  planets and a very large number of earth like planets-these findings of today's cosmology-how do they  integrate with the 7 globes concept? Is the 7 globe concept only for earth? Does that mean we are alone in this universe? 

>While the proposal of emerging from a single atom(Secret Doctrine)which splits into 7 and goes one splitting further,might find corraboration in recent cosmological findings and the concepts of multiverse, 11 dimensional space might find resonance with the theories of astral/mental/higher planes of vibration,the question of extra terristrial evolved life seems to be unresolved (at least explicitly) in theosophic texts that I have come across.While some might argue that such information is not relevant to one's own moral growth, one does need the answer in the context of understanding evolution.

>Am sorry if these questions sound naive to you,but I think am missing something fundamental here.

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