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Re: TS - Sectarian (?) Freedom of Thought versus Altruistic Anti-sectarian Psychology

Mar 27, 2012 03:45 PM
by Mark Jaqua

      Makes good and succinct sense to me Jacques, No comments necessary.
                                  - jake j.

Jacques M writes:
  >We can spend our whole life to review past history. But in fact, it does not help much. Of course, it is important not to repeat causes of suffering (like wars), and in that respect, history is useful.
  >What matter is what we do and act right now. Organizations have allways being a must-go-through for most of human seekers to feel not lonely and have a community sharing the same concepts and activities. It is a securing situation. But at the end of the day (at death time) you'll be alone and what will matter to you is what you will have learned and experimented. The teachings are going on every second of our life.It is mainly a matter of being conscious or not of what is going on. Theosophy teachings have their merits, provide we drill down to the core of what is really important and useful for us, i.e. self-culture, altruism, ... All these stories about people and behaviors are gossips. They do not help creating the true momentum needed to make some real progress. We need a positive attitude vis-a-vis life which is wonderful. Be aware that the ego love to be in a fight situation. This is confirming him the fact that He exists and is the Leader. Life is so much more than that petty little governor. The core teachings of theosophy, like the Voice of Silence, is talking to the real person, the heart. Let's listen to it (and put in practice...)

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