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Re: theos-talk Digitizing Archival Material and manuscripts

Mar 27, 2012 10:42 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear MKR and friends

My views are:

Here are at least a number of relatively new videos from the Theosophical Society websites and the Internet...

*** 1 ***
Here is one of the more new videos - which has been given on the Internet more recently it seems...

Adyar - Hogar de la Sociedad TeosÃfica - EspaÃol
(With English speech)

Also on Youtube in six parts in English Speech: (Overview of all six parts)


*** 2 ***

Recent uploads at the Theosophical Society in America

A series by what is called -  Leading Thesoophists - in the Theosophical Society
(I wonder what qualifies a person to be called a leading figure in a Society - which originally claimed ot be Absolutewly Non-Sectarian?)

I just mention that these videos are available and comparatively new on the Internet.
Whether I agree or disagree in the content - and - perhaps espeically how they are presented on the website is a quite different matter.
A non-sectarian presentation - would  serve the cause of Altruism much more then the opposite - namely a Sectarian one called "Theosophy" or presented by what is called so-called "Leading Theosophists".

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: theos-talk Digitizing Archival Material and manuscripts

  Einstein archives should be an eye opener for anyone interested in
  historical materials.

  In the past, historical materials are kept under lock and key with limited
  or no access to anyone outside a small circle. Handling of the old
  documents may damage and also potential for theft of valuable old documents
  is a very real issue.

  With todayâs digital scanning technology, we can scan the documents and the
  images can be stored on a computer which can be accessed from anywhere in
  the world. Scanners used to be very expensive and their prices have come
  down. Scanning is one time job and once done, it preserves the image for
  all future even when technology changes.

  I am sure all the theosophical leaders and authors must have left behind
  lot of original manuscripts and if only they all can be scanned and public
  access allowed, what additional philosophical and historical facts can come
  out for the use of students and historians. There is a general
  predisposition to keep historical materials secret for flimsy reasons. An
  example in point is the 1900 KH letter where much of it was redacted before
  publishing. Finally it was after 87 years that the full unredacted letter
  was published in the USA in a non official publication and to the surprise
  of everyone there was no personal information contained in it calling for
  keeping it secret.

  I hope the movers and shakers who have the custody of the historical
  materials in India, England and USA think of all the good that can come out
  of digitizing the manuscripts and documents and making them available to


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