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Videos of 2011 TS International Convention

Mar 26, 2012 10:51 PM
by MKR

It may be recalled that the lectures and discussions at the last
International Convention at Adyar were professionally video taped. One of
them, the outstanding public lecture by Professor Menon was uploaded to
Youtube within days after the Convention. Even though three months have
passed since the convention, we have not seen any of the other material

With todayâs video technology combined with Internet based distribution,
video programs are can be broadcast within days. So one wonders what is
going on? Is it possible that for reasons unknown, the movers and shakers
have decided not to release any of them to the public forums such as
Youtube which is free? Or are the videos are being edited so that
undesirable parts redacted before being released to the public? Or are they
in DVD production? (The last should not take this much time.)

Whatever may be the reason, quick release of the videos cannot but help
theosophical students worldwide at a time everyone knows TS is behind the
curve in using modern communication technology to further the dissemination
of theosophy to the world.

I hope this is not a cry in the wild.


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