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Re: The core teaching

Mar 26, 2012 07:47 AM
by Mark Jaqua

     For a year's reading, I'd say you are getting a pretty good handle on things!  

     I'd recommend sticking to Blavatsky and others that kept to her original teachings - like Judge, Purucker, Crosby - anything coming from United Lodge of Theosophists or the Point Loma and Pasadena traditions [ - the "Theosophical Manuals" are good studies.]  (In spite of "political" differences, both ULT and Pt. Loma/Pasadena stuck to original Theosophy.)   Annie Besant and Leadbeater and much of the Adyar and Wheaton TS's literature changed a lot of the original teachings to their own imaginings.
         One has to follow his own inner lights and decisions and carve out his own path.
                                                        - jake j.

>3. The core teaching
    Posted by: "vimal" vimal_b
    Date: Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:18 pm ((PDT))

>I have been going thru a some of the theosophic literature in the last year and the foll. appears to me to be the core of the teaching-

>The birth of what constitutes the first grain of the human soul took place at the very start of the 'big bang' or the beginning of this manavantara and the human soul has evolved from the first atom to its present condition just as the entire universe evolved. So as the universe took on the various different vibratory states of the higher planes,coming down to buddhic,higher ,lower mental ,astral and when it came to the physical(the point of the big bang),we were born with that first atom. And the entire journey from that point to the universes,the solar systems,the life on earth, the evolution from mineral to plant, animal, mammal, man and as we evolve further to superman and again disappear back into the higher planes.In between we make this small revolution of astral,mental,physical a large number of times until our buddhic plane intelligence is mature enough to not need these life lessons. And almost simultaneously to our individual  growth, the material  of the universe also ages and we are absorbed back into where it started.

>IS this understanding correct? This covers the aspects of what is written about the globes in the secret Doctrine.

>This of course does not cover what it really constitutes to be worthy of completely reverting back to the buddhic lvel(the stage of Nirvana).Nor does it cover any other concept in spirituality(kundalini/energy body/mahatmas/logos). I just want to be clear about evolution.

>Your guidance and suggestions for reading will be gratefully accepted.


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