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Re: HPB and Theosophy.Net

Mar 25, 2012 07:39 AM
by Mark Jaqua

      Amazing!  I read their main page, but haven't been a member for a long time, and am not.  The main page seems almost nuts to me..... A hundred years ago, the term "Theosophy" was being hijacked and destroyed by the Leadbeaterites at Adyar TS.  What will it be this 100-year cycle?  The term is important, and Blavatsky had a system and had to label it something, and she used the term "Theosophy."  Any other term would have met the same difficulties.  
      Just _who_ is the individual that composed the main page?  It is bold, and brings to mind the bold methods the Baileyites often use in their various rapes and plunders.  ( I read an account of last century, in which a Bailey group just moved in a took over the Toronto TS, started holding their meetings there at TS meeting times, etc. and just took over, no permission asked, and little defense.)
          The reasons for the anti-Blavatsky stance, et. al., are psychological and moral, and not being a warrior against fundamentalism, or whatnot as is their pose.....  For some psychological reason they cannot stand Blavatsky, and hold this dread in the back of their minds all the time, and over-react every time that hot button gets pushed.  Also they are holding a pose for an imagined public reaction of seeing Theosophy as a bunch of cult-maniacs.  Too much fear and too little guts to actually admit one believes in anything....
                                    - jake j.

>2. HPB and Theosophy.Net
    Posted by: "Daniel" danielhcaldwell
    Date: Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:35 pm ((PDT))

>It was posted:

>... we do not seek to abandon HPB, but at the same time the behaviors of
true believers has made rational discourse on HPB and her world virtually
impossible in a public forum. It is best summarized in the common mantra
"No Blavatsky, No Theosophy....Unfortunately where it comes to theosophists and
theosophical organizations, the trend is still towards a blind, unthinking,
cult-like worship of theosophy which stifles all public discussion. That is
what utterly opposes..

>So the question is raised:

>Had there been "true believers" on Theosophy.Net trying to stifle all public discussion and "rational" discussion about HPB?

>The only discussion i was aware of was about the stanzas off dzyan?


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