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HPB and Theosophy.Net

Mar 24, 2012 05:35 PM
by Daniel

It was posted:

... we do not seek to abandon HPB, but at the same time the behaviors of
true believers has made rational discourse on HPB and her world virtually
impossible in a public forum. It is best summarized in the common mantra
"No Blavatsky, No Theosophy....Unfortunately where it comes to theosophists and
theosophical organizations, the trend is still towards a blind, unthinking,
cult-like worship of theosophy which stifles all public discussion. That is
what utterly opposes..

So the question is raised:

Had there been "true believers" on Theosophy.Net trying to stifle all public discussion and "rational" discussion about HPB?

The only discussion i was aware of was about the stanzas off dzyan?


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