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Re: theos-talk Writing on the Wall for theosophists

Mar 21, 2012 09:54 AM
by M. Sufilight

A few views...

I agree on this in many respects MKR.

I say this,...although....
The use of Computers no doubt have their limitations.
Yet, their beneficial use, aught not to be overlooked, just like the telegraph was used in the old days in India as well as trains. --- This, despite the latter version are today considered to be polluting, and even the former ones, because the use of electricity - has a tendency to promote climate change through CO-2 emmisions, because the current electricity productions, generally speaking.

When the first trains was being build, a number of well-known scientists in fact warned people against travelling at such a high speed, becuase it could be dangerous to the human health, if not letal.

It is like the famous incident with King Edward in the old days in London, when he saw his first Automobile:
The English King Edward VII saw a hissing vehicle lurching towards him. 'What the devil is that?' he exclaimed, then gasped: 'Good God! It is the Devil!
(But is was merely one of the first motor-cars.)

Analogically, of course in a sense only, there are many people who react to computers etc. with another kind of mind-set, than others do.

Try to reflect on this news item where the priest for an hour or so had preached about the origin og evil, and the eternal Hell:
"More than 3.000 worshippers fled in near-panic from the
famous Church of the Blessed Mary of the Rosary at Pompeii on
Saturday night, when a bottle of Coca Cola exploded."
(Daily Telegraph, London - Monday, 9 may 1977, p.6, col. 8)

I do not know, if there ever has been a coca-cola bottle at TS Adyar compound. Smile...
Maybe a computer could spark the same reactions for - some known or unknown reason or two.
Who knows.

A more recent one is this one:
"UK Second false alarm on BA flight" 
"On 25 April, an emergency announcement told passengers on a BA flight from San Fransisco to Heathrow that the plane was about to crash into the sea.
Some passengers were so upset that the crew had to call for a doctor."
(BBC NEWS, June 8th, 1999)

Not to talk about Computers and their spyware, trojans, worms and virus.

To some computers, technology, and similar is something they react almost allergic towards. 
Maybe a past more or less half-conscious memory, plays a role there. 
Pollution is no doubt important to relate to when Altruism is the main concern and object among theosophical organisations. Or at least they claim it is so, while they with their other hand de-emphasize What Non-Sectarinism really is.

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: theos-talk Writing on the Wall for theosophists

  Writing on the Wall

  In a recent news item that appeared in The Hindu, there was a projection
  that young people will be in the majority in India and perhaps in other
  countries as well.


  In the public lecture Professor Menon delivered at the last TS
  International Convention at Adyar, he mentioned that his audience was 50+
  and this is the first time he is addressing such an older audience. He is a
  college professor and used to deal with young men and women. His comment is
  telling about the current age group of thesophists.

  Future is not with the aging members even though many of them may be
  believing they have all the wisdom as a result of theosophical studies.
  Even in the last International Election, the two candidates were both
  octogenarians and while much ado was made of the age of the sitting
  president, the challenger has not been seen in any theosophical venues, and
  one has to assume he is incapacitated.

  Theosophical movement launched in 1875 was not for the elite. It is for
  everyone everywhere. So it is our duty to see the writing on the wall about
  the younger generation and planning should be done in a hurry so that we
  can offer theosophical philosophy for them.

  Today, in the digital age, Internet and digital medium are indispensable
  both for the functioning of Governments world-wide and commerce and social
  interaction. Just think what would be the consequences of Internet shutdown
  for a couple of days. It is similar to shut down of electric utility.

  So if we want to present theosophy for the current young generation
  world-wide, Internet and digital medium are the indispensable tools. It is
  obvious that current theosophical leadership world-wide is either blind to
  this fact or confused about how it can be used to further the interests of
  thesosophy. This is obvious from two facts. We have seen any of the elected
  leaders in Internet forums discussing and interacting with theosophical
  enthusiasts. Secondly, the continued publication of pricey theosophical
  publications very few can afford when digital pdf files can be generated at
  no cost and made available to any student world-wide for free.

  Failing to see the clear writing on the wall can only doom the growth of
  theosophical movement in the years to come. Failing to use the invaluable
  opportunity provided by Internet and digital medium cannot but be great
  failure of the duty of those whose job is to plan and expand theosophical
  movement. Hope they will soon wake up.


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