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Britannica stops presses and goes digital

Mar 13, 2012 04:35 PM
by MKR

Britannica stops presses and goes digital

Film cameras have disappeared and Kodak which was the photo king and
inventor of digital photography has filed for bankruptcy.

Similar change is taking place in the book publishing industry even though
attempts are made to channel digital publications thru devices such as
Kindle of iPad.

Theosophy and Theosophists were the pioneers and were at the forefront of
New Age. Pitifully, digital media is one area which the theosophical
organizations and theosophical publishers are far behind the curve and some
times one feels if the aging leaders who are responsible for making
decisions are out of touch with reality or totally confused about the role
played by digital revolution. We rarely seen any of the leaders in Internet
forums and there is no push to make publications available in digital
format which is very easy and inexpensive to distribute. We can understand
the pre digital age in which book publishing is the only way to distribute
theosophical material to the eager theosophical students and others. The
great opportunity presented by digital age has not been taken by the horns
and make theosophical materials available world wide for free. We want more
theosophical students. The current stale status quo is reflected in the
shrinking membership world-wide which is really a pity.

Here is a news item which should open the eyes as to what is going on in
publishing business.


NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- After 244 years, Encyclopedia Britannica will cease
production of its iconic multi-volume book sets.

Britannica usually prints a new set of the tomes every two years, but
2010's 32-volume set will be its last. Instead, the company will focus
solely on its digital encyclopedia and education tools.

The news is sure to sadden champions of the printed word, but Britannica
president Jorge Cauz said the move is a natural part of his company's

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