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The Notorious Psychological Trickster

Mar 10, 2012 04:14 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

Here are a few thoughts for consideration and contemplation...

H. P. Blavatsky wrote:
"As stated in Book I, the humanities developed coordinately, and on parallel lines with the four Elements, every new Race being physiologically adapted to meet the additional element. Our Fifth Race is rapidly approaching the Fifth Element ? call it interstellar ether, if you will ? which has more to do, however, with psychology than with physics."
(Secret Doctrine Vol. II, p. 135)

So the new Fifth element being approached is more like - psychology - than something physical it seems if we should follow Blavatsky line of thought.

And Blavatsky also liked the seven-fold view about kosmos, with Seven tones in the scale, and Seven groups of elements in the Periodic Table, and other similar obvious examples on that the universe is Sevenfold in its Nature. - And she also said that the present human have 5 senses (touch, taste, sight, hearing, smell) - plus mind and understanding, --- Seven all in all, she said. And since these two latter senses are not being properly understood by the average human being, the evolution carrying humanity forward will no doubt reveal much more about the science of Psychology in the next decades ahead. Since 1875 when the Theosophical Society was formed - the Science on Psychology has flourished in the Western countries  - a science until recently almost neclegted in the West (and we wonder why? At least partially because of Dogmatic Christianity, no doubt) - is now being taught in most business companies, used in very many education systems and talked about by the many on this globe in our daily life and also by journalists - who also talk about marketing, Designs and spin etc., etc.
Now since this science called Psychology has its various parallels in the East (Mindfullness in Buddhism, and the Raja Yoga doctrines of the Hindu etc. etc.) with its ancient philosophical doctrines of Wisdom and the meaning of life - it seems of importance to understand - this Key of the Seven Keys to the Mystery Language, much better.

And therefore I think we also will witness more emphasis being given to the original aim and objects of the Thesophical Society - namely as Blavatsky said...

H. P. Blavatsky wrote very interestingly about the Theosophical Society:
"The chief aim of the Founder of the Eclectic Theosophical School was one of the three objects of its modern successor, the Theosophical Society, namely, to reconcile all religions, sects and nations under a common system of ethics, based on eternal verities." (p. 3-4, 2nd ed., 1890)
(That is - reconcile - ALL SECTS - and therefore TODAY also ALL THEOSOPHICAL GROUPS, ORGANISATIONS AND OFFSHOOTS THEREOF. - Do you not agree my dear readers??? --- And to all readers: And what have you my dear altruistic friends done on this lately - while promotiong altruism? --- )

So I ask in the name of ALTRUISM and from all of my Heart:
So why do we have the various theosophical groups and organisations like the ULT's, Pasadena TS, Adyar TS, and all the rest?
What are they good for if they cannot join hands in the name of altruism? And then all the rest...the Spiritualists, the non-dogmatic Sufis, the Rosicrucians, New Agers etc. etc.?
Why not at least be affilliated to each other if you claim the same Non-Sectarian original program and Bye-Laws - ie. centrally speaking and in essence?



Through a misunderstanding Nasrudin was thought mad.
He was taken to the local asylum without any protest.
The mistake was rectified and he was released.
Within two days he was back at the asylum
demanding entry.
"You have been declared sane Mullah,"
explained the doctor.
"You know that, I know that,
all my friends know that," said the Mullah,
"however there are people in the asylum
who are not sure who *they* are
let alone me . . . "

AT THE HEART OF THE CONSCIENCEMulla Nasrudin called on a psychiatrist and told him that he had problems
and needed help. "I want to talk to you," said the Mulla, "because my ethics
have not been what they should be and my conscience is bothering me." "I
understand," the psychiatrist said, "and you want me to help you build up a
stronger will power, is that it?" "NO," said Nasrudin, "THAT'S NOT IT. I

M. Sufilight

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