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Planetary Spirits

Feb 22, 2012 03:08 PM
by Cass Silva

I'm curious to explore this subject especially as the final paragraph seems to hint at a Maitreyic type intervention.  Also curious about what is meant by other grades and orders, but 'there is no separate and eternally constituted order of Planetary Spirits'.  Is it suggesting that 'humanity' per se is the only evolving form of spiritual evolution?

"...those EGOS of great Adepts who have passed away, and are also known as Nirmanakayas; ...for whom--since they are beyond illusion--there is no Devachan, and who, having either voluntarily renounced it for the good of mankind, or not yet reached Nirvana, remain invisible on earth ...they are reborn over and over again ... Who they are, "on earth"--every student of Occult science knows..."
(SD II 615 see VOICE OF THE SILENCE. p. 35, 44, 77; T. GLOSS p. 339)
"When our great Buddha--the patron of all the adepts, the reformer and the codifier of the occult system, reached first Nirvana on earth, he became a Planetary Spirit, i.e.,--his spirit could at one and the same time rove the interstellar spaces in full consciousness, and continue at will on Earth in his original and individual body. For the divine Self had so completely disfranchised itself from matter that it could create at will an inner substitute for itself, and leaving it in the human form for days, weeks, sometimes years, affect in no wise by the change either the vital principle or the physical mind of its body ...that is the highest form of adeptship man can hope for on our planet. But it is as rare as the Buddhas themselves, the last Khobilgan who reached it being Song-Ka-Pa of Kokonor (XIV Century), the reformer of esoteric as well as of vulgar lamaism. Many are those who "break through the egg shell," few who, once out are able to exercise
 their Nirira namastaka fully, when out of the body. Conscious life in Spirit is as difficult for some natures as swimming, is for some bodies...The planetary Spirit of that kind (the Buddha like) can pass at will into other bodies--of more or less etherealized matter, inhabiting other regions of the Universe. There are many other grades and orders, but there is no separate and eternally constituted order of Planetary Spirits." 
MAHAT. LET. 43-4

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