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Re: Theosophy and TS - HPB's concise statement

Feb 22, 2012 01:56 AM
by marcus_a_hughes


Totally agree Jake, thanks

  People so easily forget the past.  Madame Blavatsky was a seer.  She understood our illusion and the bigger picture of an intelligent force that congeals  atoms and looks through the sentient being upon itself. Her hope was simply that others would see the same.

The fact that TS survives today pays tribute to the attraction of intrigue.    Madame Blavatsky knew TS, like many other surviving Mystic Orders, will mesomorph through numerous generations.

  Knowing the nature of human intrigue and our yearning for truth, serious humans will always drive their awareness toward organisations that profess to maintain the secrets.  The Esoteric, Occult, The Mystic Order, their knowledge of the inner sanctum will always attract.    Madame Blavatsky knew that under certain conditions, given the right character the adept would awaken.
This is ingrained and inherent in our genes. 
This spiritual challenge of awakening to truth is for the individual, not the collective.
Today there is Seven billion sentient beings, each with its own path.     

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>     Thanks for this.  I like the part "....within certain limits" about diversity of opinion within a Society.  Just what does this mean?, it definitely means something.  What would she have done if plopped down in the middle of an Adyar Society of the 20's or 30's or later with a bunch of Leadbeaterites all running around with their wangs hanging out metaphorically, and spouting nonsense, and her SD kept in the back room and out of public view as "too esoteric" for the general public.  Tingley shut all her groups down, and Blavatsky may have done the same thing - although she probably would have just left the TS.  Hard telling what she might have said or done in later years when "the shadow which follows the light" was everywhere.
>                                 - jake j.
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> 1. Theosophy and TS - HPB's concise statement
>     Posted by: "MKR" mkr777@... ramadoss226
>     Date: Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:26 pm ((PST))
> >Theosophy and TS - HPB's concise statement
> >Over the years, many Sections and individuals - leaders, scholars,
> professors, mystics, theosophists, students, etc etc tried to tinker with
> the three objects of TS. Frequently, readers of various books published by
> theosophical writers were overwhelmed and simply got lost as what theosophy
> is and the role of TS. Today, I ran into a very concise statement from
> horse's mouth - HPB, one of the Founders of TS. It is worth reading and you
> can come to your own conclusion.
> >In a letter addressed to the Second Annual Convention of the American
> Section, HPB addressed two very fundamental issues - Theosophy and TS. This
> is one of the best concise elucidation by the Founder. Worth pondering
> over.
> +++
> >But let no man set up a popery instead of Theosophy, as this would be
> suicidal and has ever ended most fatally. We are all fellow students, more
> or less advanced; but no one belonging to the Theosophical Society ought to
> count himself as more than, at best, a pupil-teacher - one who has no right
> to dogmatize.
> >"Since the Society was founded, a distinct change has come over the spirit
> of the age. Those who gave us commission to found the Society foresaw this,
> now rapidly growing, wave of transcendental influence following that other
> wave of mere phenomenalism. Even the journals of Spiritualism are gradually
> eliminating the phenomena and wonders, to replace them with philosophy. The
> Theosophical Society led the van of this movement; but, although
> Theosophical ideas have entered into every development or form which
> awakening spirituality has assumed, yet Theosophy pure and simple has still
> a severe battle to fight for recognition. The days of old are gone to
> return no more, and many are the Theosophists who, taught by bitter
> experience, have pledged themselves to make of the Society a "miracle club"
> (1) no longer. The fainthearted have asked in all ages for signs and
> wonders, and when these failed to be granted, they refused to believe. Such
> are not those who will ever comprehend Theosophy pure and simple. But there
> are others among us who realize intuitionally that the recognition of pure
> Theosophy - the philosophy of the rational explanation of things and not
> the tenets - is of the most vital importance in the Society, inasmuch as it
> alone can furnish the beacon-light needed to guide humanity on its true
> path.
> >"This should never be forgotten, nor should the following fact be
> overlooked. On the day when Theosophy will have accomplished its most holy
> and most important mission - namely, to unite firmly a body of men of all
> nations in brotherly love and bent on a pure altruistic work, not on a
> labor with selfish motives - on that day only will Theosophy become higher
> than any nominal brotherhood of man. This will be a wonder and a miracle
> truly, for the realization of which Humanity is vainly waiting for the last
> 18 centuries, and which every association has hitherto failed to accomplish.
> >"Orthodoxy in Theosophy is a thing neither possible nor desirable. It is
> diversity of opinion, within certain limits, that keeps the Theosophical
> Society a living and a healthy body, its many other ugly features
> notwithstanding. Were it not, also, for the existence of a large amount of
> uncertainty in the minds of students of Theosophy, such healthy
> divergencies would be impossible, and the Society would degenerate into a
> sect, in which a narrow and stereotyped creed would take the place of the
> living and breathing spirit of Truth and an ever growing Knowledge."
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