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Osho and Blavatsky

Feb 21, 2012 03:54 PM
by paulobaptista_v

Dear friends,

Some other day, while researching on the web, I found a webpage with some statements about Blavatsky made by Osho.

I must say that I have a very bad opinion about Osho. A few years ago, I read a book called "The Spiritual Tourist",(which is, by the way,  one of my favorite non-theosophical books) written by Mick Brown,  where he describes the life of Osho, or should I say, Rajneesh.

In the 70's he created a cult in India (in the city of Pune), calling himself Bhagwan. He advocated the practice of tantric sex amongst the members of the cult. Due to the scandal, the local authorities revoked the tax exemption of his Foundation and Osho ended up fleeing to the US. He then married a rich American woman and focused on accumulating wealth, especially Rolls-Royces (he had 93) and platinum and gold watches. Later we has arrested and deported to India, where he died in 1990.

His books still sell by the millions, at least here in Portugal, and the truth is that very few know his sordid story.

The quotes I found are here:

Most of them, if not all, are lies.

I just want to know if one of those stories has any truth in it. I have read a few of HPB's biography and I can´t remember seeing this story mentioned.  

"She used to carry many bags with her, full of seeds of flowers. Her whole luggage was nothing but seeds of flowers. Sitting in the train by the side of the window she would go on throwing seeds outside the window, and people would ask, "What are you doing? You carry so much unnecessary luggage, and then you go on throwing those seeds out of the window for thousands of miles."

She said, "These are seeds of flowers, beautiful flowers. When the summer goes and the rains come, these seeds will become plants. Soon there will be millions of flowers. I will not be coming back on the route and I will never see them, but thousands of people will see them, thousands of people will enjoy their fragrance."
She actually made almost all the railroads in India full of flowers, and people said, "When you will not see them again, what is your joy?"

She said, "My joy is that so many people will be joyful. I am not a miser. Whatever I can do to make people joyful, happy, I will do; it is part of my love." She really loved humanity, and did everything that she felt was right."

I almost bet that he made this up, but I want to know your opinion.


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