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Do not make a carved image of the Lord thy Elohim

Feb 21, 2012 08:54 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

I just got what I found to be an excellent idea or two...

The following can be proposed at the next TS Adyar convent.


Make a sign measuring 3 meters x 4 meters x 10 cm just to please some of us more orm less eccentric ones and so to follow symbolic numbers.
Put the sign next to the entrance of the Liberal Catholic Church - at Christmas time when the next TS Adyar Convent take place..An electric light-bulb might be worth considering to have going late in the night-time...Smile....

The sign should have a text similar to the following...
And let those who have ears to hear with hear !!!

"Shall the church-going reader feel very indignant if he is told that the Christians adopted the pagan way of worshipping in a temple, only during the reign of Diocletianus? Up to that period they had an insurmountable horror for altars and temples, and held them in abomination for the first 250 years of our era. These primitive Christians were Christians indeed; the moderns are more pagan than any ancient idolaters. The former were the Theosophists of those days; from the IVth century they became Helleno-Judaic Gentiles minus the philosophy of the Neo-Platonists. Read what Minucius Felix says in the IIIrd century to the Romans:â

You fancy that we [Christians] conceal that which we worship because we will have neither temples nor altars? But what image of God shall we raise, since Man is himself Godâs image? What temple can we build to the Deity, when the Universe, which is Its work, can hardly contain it? How shall we enthrone the power of such Omnipotence in a single building? Is it not far better to consecrate to the Deity a temple in our heart and spirit?*

But then the ChrÃstians of the type of Minucius Felix had in their mind the commandment of the MASTER-INITIATE, not to pray in the synagogues and temples as the hypocrites do, âthat they may be seen of menâ (Matthew vi, 5)."

Now I wonder what the Humble TS Adyar Reverend with his silly hat and also his flock would do when confronted with this....Smile?

The headline of the next Sign I intend would be somthing like: "Do not promote Idol Worship at TS Adyar".
This sign would be placed next to the statues of Blavatsky and Olcott at TS Adyar.
I am contemplating the text for this at the moment...Maybe some of you have some input.

All the above are merely wellmeant proposals - so - to help us all and all of you better promote altruism for all human beings on this planet.
I do mean well, so please do not misunderstand the intentions with the proposals. Seek to look at the altruistic aim of the proposals.

M. Sufilight

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