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TS - Official Announcement of appointment of VP and Treasurer

Feb 17, 2012 07:49 AM
by MKR

The following official notice is in Feb 2012, Theosophist:

Mr M. P. Singhal was recently elected Vice-President of the Theosophical
in place of Mrs Linda Oliveira, and took up office from 5 January 2012.
Mr T. S. Jambunathan has been apppointed from 1 January 2012 as
Treasurer of the Society in place of Miss Keshwar Dastur.

While most members pay no attention to the appointments such as the above,
one wonders why not issue a press release as and when important news is
there. In this day and age of Internet, when you can instantly broadcast
information at no cost, why not take advantage of it.

We moved from oil lamps to electricity. We moved from horse or bull drawn
carts to automobiles and airplanes. Communication is an area which has been
neglected by TS around the world in Internet Age.

How many members and leaders still remember what would or could have
happened during the last International Election but for the instant
communication and broadcast capabilities of Internet. Also what would have
happened to all members right to vote in International President Election.

By not using Internet to instantly communicate with the world and members,
the loser is only theosophy and TS. When those in power do not see what is
going on in real world, all we can do is to cry and hope for better days
with younger leadership grown up in Internet age. This is going to happen
and sooner the better. Let us all pray.


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