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A few changes among the Editors at the AQ

Feb 17, 2012 04:29 AM
by Will

The readers of the AQ and those on the list may be interested to hear there are some changes coming to the AQ.

In dialogue with the editors of, and it is agreed they will be editing the AQT from the March 2012 edition onwards, with the full and the most friendly support of the existing editors who will maintain an oversight and advisory role.

Since Jerome Wheeler in LA commenced the AQ in November 2000 the editorial policy in general has continued as it started - that of reporting from around the world on the events according to the premises of the original theosophical tenets and ideals, and to do it in as an unvarnished and unaltered state as certainly this last London editor's meagre efforts were able.

To that extent this policy may be expected to remain thus, but it should be said the new editors will have it fully in their gift to make any changes to that policy as best fits their interpretation of how to bring about the popularisation of this great theosophical  philosophy and its ethics which are so badly in need of practical application today as we pass through this sometimes bumpy period of transition.

So let us ask you to join us in wishing them fine discrimination and energy - the most potent of combinations "Viraga and Virya" - in the new task.

The AQ Editor

VIRAGA, indifference to pleasure and to pain, illusion conquered, truth alone perceived. 

VIRYA, the dauntless energy that fights its way to the supernal TRUTH, out of the mire of lies terrestrial.  

("The Voice of the Silence", the third fragment.)

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