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Re: "Man - Fragments of Forgotten History"

Feb 15, 2012 06:31 AM
by Mark Jaqua

          Stead published a magazine "Borderlands" of which there are or were 3 large volumes on Google books.  It is mostly spiritualism, but has some unique material.  I read somewhere that Cheiro the palm-reader, warned Stead twice about risk of death at sea, and as you say, he died on the Titanic.
        There is a bunch of Crump/Wagner material serialized in Universal Brotherhood magazine, online at and also a few volumes online at  It might be material from the book you mention.  Cleather and Crump also published the "Peking Edition" of the "Voice of the Silence," which has an endorsement by the Panchen Lama.
                       - jake jaqua

3b. Re: "Man - Fragments of Forgotten History"
    Posted by: "" 
    Date: Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:45 pm ((PST))

>It never happened. All is well. Yes, the Book itself seemed anomalous to me as I said in 13 years here I don't recall a single mention of it or a link being posted for it here. That was pretty strange to me and I posted to see what the pundits here may have to say about that as a trial balloon. The two chela's were Mo hini Chatterji and Laura C. Hollaway which is shown on several sites online. 
>Years ago when I was here as Samblo at compuserve .com (John) I shouted to the void here about Alice leighton Cleaver for years without a single response here, but finially the deep sleep awoke and now she is mentioned often here, that made me happy, I cherish her and B asil Crumps Books. BTW she and B asil Crump authored a bunch of books about Classical M usic giving a Inner Circle D irect student of Blavatsky's POV about what the Opera's conveyed of the esoteric teaching or doctrine, they can be G oogled online on Google Books. They get passed by I guess due to automatic induced bias about Richard Wagner's character flaws, which did exist, but in spite of his flaws he had true musical genius that forever changed that type of music, and I am always wondering how much time he spent studying the ancient traditions much of which are included in the contents of the S.D. He spe nt 28 years composing the "R ing Opera's before they were a finished work. I wonder if Wagner owned a copy of the S.D .? 
>About my knowledge, I am only a "seeker of Truth", a student like all of us. I always know les s than is knowable, and have great big empty spots in my knowledge, now Daniel Caldwell I deeply admire for the obvious deep knowledge he has self procured by his ceaseles s effort, I am always amazed to review his wonder ful websi tes. J ust last night I forwarded links from his Theos ophical Publications website. 

>Btw, Daniel, I saw the letter of William T. S tead that you published, I have two of his books , one is titled "How I know That the Dead Return. 1911. I wan ted to mention that Stead was Theosophist who was lost on the Titanic. I think madame Blavatsy mentioned him also somewhere. 

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