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Re: "Man - Fragments of Forgotten History"

Feb 13, 2012 12:45 PM
by Mark Jaqua

     Sorry for the over-reaction John.  You seemed so knowledgable in history, I just assumed HPB's negative opinions on the book was something you knew about.  She may may recommend it somewhere in the SD, but I haven't seen it.  What makes it more difficult is seemingly some overly-scrupulous indexers have not included it in the big Theosophy Company SD Index, or in the Huge TUP SD index.  I only found the one reference on SD1, pp. 160, 161 from Elsie Benjamin's "Search and Find" index (Pt. Loma Pub.)
       Amazing to see the book has been published in Russia.
                                        - jake j.

>2c. Re: John's BS on "Man - Fragments of Forgotten History"
    Posted by: "" 
    Date: Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:43 pm ((PST))


>Thanks for your reply and comments, they are appreciated. Well, I stand better informed than I began, and thank you for helping correct my ignorance, you supplied further quotes of Blavatsky I wasn't aware of and that expanded my understanding as well as the rest of our members here. 

>As I said in my post I had never seen that book posted about here since I have been on this forum (since 1999). It was on that basis and the quote I cited that I thought the notice about the book might be of interest so I posted it. I read what I posted on an online version of the S.D. and that is where my posted citation originated from. I did not save it to my favorites and I don't recall the exact topic tag I was searching for then but I didn't make up the citation. I wasn't aware of madame blavatskys additional citation you so handily accessed and provided. 

>I apoligize for using your post to interject my way of referencing your topic about Man and the two primary principles and the rest in regards to the psychology of being. It is just the way my personal mind works. In the future I will avoid like the plague responding to your posts even when they are a beautiful work of Theosophy in writing ,as I do not like to invite such responces. 

>You may inquire to any here as to whether I have ever named any one a "fool" , it is not a term I use. But the 22nd Tarot Card likes it lol. 

>I maight also say I very much liked your post and it's contents and hope youy contribute to posts many more with similar contents. 
>Best regards, 
>2b. Re: John's BS on "Man - Fragments of Forgotten History"
    Posted by: "Konstantin Zaitzev" kay_ziatz
    Date: Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:41 am ((PST))

--- In, "Mark  Jaqua" <hozro@...> wrote:

>> have patience and bear with it until it comes out in its second corrected edition.
> and wrote corrections to it - which never got included in the 2nd edition.

>Her corrections are in one letter to Sinnett, so it's just several pages, and many places were left without changes.

>K.H. writes about this book:  "But I would save five months labour of Mohini and will not permit it to remain unpublished." (ML-64) For example, the concluding chapters were left without changes, and probably belong to Mohini, as follows from their contents.
>As for 2nd edition, it wasn't undertaken at all, as far I know.
Here in Russia we undertook it. The first (2004) edition was just a translation of the original, while the second (2008) included HPB's corrections; the third is in preparation.


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