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Re: theos-talk Can TS learn from past mistakes?

Feb 08, 2012 08:19 AM
by M. Sufilight

And I agree with you Cass.
I thank you for saying it.


A few more comments and views...

Lack of open self-criticism cannot be the apex of altruism.

And it is important that we recognize the Truth when it is proven to us.
The motto is: There is no Religion Higher than the Truth.

--- How can one claim to follow the original program of the Theosophical Society and to be Absolutely Non-Sectarian, when promoting a school teaching a sectarian stance, where some persons appparently are being induced to be more prominent than others? 
--- And with a special New Age Church (located no far from the Olcott School) being given more emphasis on the TS Adyar compund than any other New Age sect or organisatiin on this planet?
(Strange it is. Indeed.)

I can only have the hope that the children at Olcott School are getting taught about the the innate problems within Science on Subtle Mind Control - (ie. especially about which Psychological views make children and grown-ups convert to a religious view versus to a non-sectarian view - or why people outwardly promote a sectarian school and not a non-sectarian one).

I have have asked similar questions before. And the silence emanating from the Truth Seekers in TS and Adyar TS are very loud.
It seems that only very few TS members are aware of the Science of Subtle Mind Control. A science (not a belief) forwarded by Exit-Counsellors and vairous psychologists these days. And by a few truth seekers.

--- Are there at all any theosophical Seekers who promote the Original Programe of the Theosophical Society as given in 1875-1891 - including the object of being an Absolutely Non-Sectarian Society?

Surprise. - I often receive no, answer to such an important question with regard to altruism.
And none of the major present day Theosophical organisations are openly forwarding their Constitutions and Rules. And it seems that no members on this forum find it important to forward them. And to do it in the name of altruism.
And Theosophical forums often have the same problem with regard to being Absolutely Non-Sectarian forums.
How sad. Indeed how sad.

I repeat again:
Lack of open self-criticism cannot be the apex of altruism.

But all right we can of course all of us only do our very best.


M. Sufilight

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  Subject: Re: theos-talk Can TS learn from past mistakes?

  Not until theosophists admit that mistakes were made in the past.

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  >Subject: theos-talk Can TS learn from past mistakes?
  >Can TS learn from past mistakes?
  >I was surprised to learn that Olcott Campus has leased part of the HQ
  >building for a school. Running a school is not part of the mission of TS.
  >Recently we saw the issue of K School (which caters to the super rich kids)
  >located in Adyar campus in leased Damodar Gardens (leased for a pittance)
  >trying their level best not to leave the prime space occupied by the
  >school. It looks like they are going to keep trying to find a way not to
  >vacate the space. (Mind you the parents of students and alumni have
  >formidable money and influence in Chennai) With this background, I just
  >learnt that Olcott Campus is leasing a wing of the HQ for the School.
  >Here is the announcement:
  >âWhat they were looking for was a new location for the school. It turned
  >out that they needed to vacate their current premises by January 1 and
  >wanted to know if there was a possibility for them to do something on our
  >campus. The more they talked about their process and dreams the more it
  >became apparent to me that there was a potential fit that could be
  >extremely beneficial to all of us. A good deal of our building is
  >underutilized and my sense was that with a little thought on our part we
  >could find a way to make it work. Over the next couple of days we developed
  >a plan to lease them the west wing of our headquarters building. It has the
  >advantage of being a self contained space where the kids and teachers could
  >conduct classes without affecting the daily rhythms of our TS operations.
  >So, the bottom line is that as of January 9, 2012 the Prairie School began
  >a new life at our national headquarters.â
  >While this may bring in some money for the TS, several things are unclear.
  >Firstly, is it to cater to the needs of the poor kids from the under
  >privileged segment in Wheaton (like the Olcott Memorial School in Adyar) or
  >is it catering to the kids of fatcats? Is this the best use of the valuable
  >TS property for the furtherance of the mission of TS which is to spread
  >We also know how the membership continues to shrink with a blip here and
  >there, and is not increasing membership should be one of the important
  >goals of TS. Is it because of the disconnect that the elected officials
  >have with the lodges and centers around the country? It is the grass roots
  >activity in lodges that bring in new members and puts life into TS. In my
  >city, which is the seventh largest in the US, we have not seen any of the
  >elected officials for a long time and of course the last visit was before
  >the building owned by TS was sold and money deposited in TS accounts. No
  >one knows if this is result of some unwritten policy of the elected
  >officials not to concern about lodges unless the lodges have valuable money
  >or property.
  >The above should be of concern to any dues paying member of TS and
  >hopefully concerned members should take the time and call the elected
  >officials and convey their concerns. Olcott has a toll free number and the
  >call can be at TS cost.
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