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Re: theos-talk 3 of the testimonies about the cup and saucer

Feb 07, 2012 01:03 AM
by Augoeides-222


 Tha nks for the KH reference. I ag ee with what KH said. I have seen directly , personally the effection of aportment, con vers ant telepathy that has no lag whatever and is exactly the true correct response that was unsai d and double blinded protected, I have seen objects bend totally without contact in any form, bent solely by the force of will and thought without hesitation or lag practic ally instantly.ÂI have been apparently apported inside my own moving vehicle with three others who were travelling in the car with me ( one was the current MUFON Rep.for LA, Ca. at the time, we traveled 148 miles in 37 minutes. When leaving for this special trip we all secquen ized our watches and the quartz crystal colck on the dashboard of my car, all watches agreed the elapsed time was 37 minutes and the traveled distance on the odometer was 148 miles. T his is clearly impossible under normal physicle conditions. E verything appeared normal to our perceptions as we travaled on the Int ers t ate,Ânothing seemed abnormal with the exception of one incident. We experienced "collapsed time" collectively. Additionally there was a 5th passenger having the complete appearance of a mutual friend of all in the car who I spoke to, watched in the rear view mirror, listened to his spoken replys to me and who sat with us in Harveys Restraunt where we pausedÂthe trip for refreshments. I later to my astonishment was informed by the MUFON Rep, his wife, and the 5th passenger himself in seperate statements individually over 2 years that he was never in the car, or on the trip with us that day! We experienced many paranormal happenings on this trip to visit a place named "Calico" ( which happens to be the phonetic equivilence of one of the ancient triple names of theÂDiety. I was initiated to the paranormal during the period of 1976 on, directly as pertains to my involvement with an extremely paranormal UFO case. One of the things they told us was that to Âperform certain extreme feats one had to be above Nous exponent 1, that Nous exponent 4 allowed one to perform such feats as as walking through solid walls as the Mahatma's are said to have done in Blavatskys time ( and that are experienced in UFO BeingÂInteractionsÂand that even Blavatsky was able to execute herself as she had possession of deeper keys about the elemental energies, thoughts, and forces which are available to exceptional trainedÂMinds of earth but not in significant numbers in terms of our norms of society. I myself have seen but a few directly. I am not a disbeliever of Blavatsky's feats because like G.R.S. MeadÂin his worksÂindicate "personal direct experience" Âis the provider of the Gnosis. Skeptics also have apparently never been the "experiencers" themselves even when they strongly desire it. 

Just more of my 2 cents. 


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and the serious and careful student who wants to grapple with this 
phenomenon would also need to compare and contrast these with several 
other accounts including what Coulomb and Hodgson say. And let us not 
forget to also consider the other phenomena at the same picnic. One of 
which even took Olcott by surprise. 

Yet even few students of Theosophy have carefully studied these and similar phenomena which H.P.B. performed. 

In my opinion these phenomena show one of the remarkable powers of the human mind: the ability to "create" and manipulate matter in various ways. 

Master K.H. wrote the following to A.O. Hume about 
a month after Madame Blavatsky performed the cup 
and saucer phenomenon. Certainly this passage 
shows the philosophical rationale behind the cup 
and saucer phenomenon. 


The human brain is an exhaustless generator of 
the most refined quality of cosmic force, out of 
the low, brute energy of nature; and the complete 
adept has made himself a centre from which irradiate 
potentialities that beget correlations upon 
correlations through Aeons to come. This is the 
key to the mystery of his being able to project 
into and materialise in the visible world the forms 
that his imagination has constructed out of inert 
cosmic matter in the invisible world. The adept does 
not create anything new, but only utilises and 
manipulates materials which nature has in store 
around him; a material which throughout eternities 
has passed through all the forms; he has but to 
choose the one he wants and recall it into objective 
existence. Would not this sound to one of your 
"learned" biologists like a madman's dream? 
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Daniel Caldwell 


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