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Re: theos-talk Marion Meade on the cup and saucer incident

Feb 07, 2012 00:24 AM
by Augoeides-222


 I agree with your view. I viewed the M ead e video link that was posted here and having never seen her before was inclined to rate her about 2 on the scale, sorry to all but she seemd not to have a clue about the real paranormal phoenomena that was seen and witnessed by so many who knew Madame Blavatsky for many years of her life starting with her early childhood and wwitnessed by her family members and young playmates. The idea of Babula "tunneling" under the large area of the outside of the Adyar Facilities is aboiut as assinine and nutty as they come. i can hear it already "Babula why are you so soiled and dirty, your clothes areÂcoveredÂwith dirt and yourÂsandels are caked with mud! I have never seen your face so filthy Babula what in the earth have you been doing??? Babula blushing tells the person well I felt like getting a little evening exercise so I decided to dig up the sacred Adyar manicured lawn by digging 200 feet out to the Table and chairs underground andÂIÂwas able to do it inÂunder 7 hours!!! No one even noticed me in all that time, n o one out for a walk , no one on the first floor, no one on the second floor,Âand no one on the roof terrace that overlooks and views the entire lawn where social meeting take place with the Madame." lol. Bugs Bunny had a typical comment about some of the suggestion that people like Meade make lol. 


ÂI also very much did not appreciate the honored authors deprecatory diminishing devalueation of Madame Blavatsky. Can she prove Blavatsky ate more foo d than any one else on earth? That Blavatsky smoked more than any one else on earth? That B lavatsky cursed more tham all other people on earth? Etc! Daniel you used the word "Glib" to characterize Meade, I think you ar e being accurate. I also disliked Meade declaring "I must decide if s he is a great person." Duh, what qualifies her to decide that issue? I think Blavatsky by her work and sacrifice of her energy , time, life force, spirit, monumental sprectrum of knowledge, ab ilities of communi cation , elicution, eridition and ablility to transport the minds of others in ways and manners beyond theÂgrasp of todaysÂmodern reviewers in their armchairs, who never have known such events as Madame Blavatsky times afforded Âher direct friends, witnesses, family, associates of Theosophy all through her younger years and life where she couragously wandered as a "Seeker of Truth" where Brave men some time freared to tread. Tawdy , che ap, pareg raphs insult everyone and no harm is effected upon the the r emembrance of Helena Pe trovna Blavatsky. 

Just my 2 cents  


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The quote below by Marion Meade is just one example from her book which is full of misinformation, jumping around from one possibility to another and not making much coherent sense when her statements are carefully examined and compared and contrasted with what the actual witnesses stated, even considering what Mr. Henderson actually states. 

Ms Meade ignores what Mr. Sinnett deals with in some detail. Most readers who read Meade's narrative will not even know the actual details of the incident. 

It would actually take pages of detailed explanations to show the nonsense of much of what she sets forth in her narrative. I have my doubts whether she has even tried to reconstruct the incident by carefully reading, studying and actually THiNKING thru the varrious scenarios that she glibly throws out. If one compares several of her guesses they don't add up. 

That is one of the most distressing aspects of her book: the superficiality of much of what she writes, not to mentiopople hwho suggect some to the thing like meade does lol.n her ignoring much, much relevant evidence and on top of all of this just presenting sheer misinformation showing to one who has dug a little deeper the depths of her ignorance of the historical record. Witness her statment I have quoted concerning the Mahatmas. But read what she says about the cup and saucer phenomenon: 

> "At the time and even later Alfred could find no 
> loopholes in what came to be known as 'the cup and 
> saucer incident.' He based his conviction mainly on 
> the fact that Madame Blavatsky could not have known in 
> advance that there would be seven guests in the party, 
> as the judge had arrived only at the last minute. 
> OBVIOUSLY she did know, and so did Patience Sinnett 
> because Olcott overheard her telling the butler: 'It 
> was very stupid of you not to put in another cup and 
> saucer when you knew that the other gentleman would 
> have to have tea.' It seems reasonable TO ASSUME that 
> H.P.B. had instructed Babula to bury the cup and 
> saucer, then led the picnickers to the spot herself. 
> In fact, this notion had already occurred to the judge 
> and police chief who later in the afternoon examined 
> the site. Their final conclusion was that it was 
> theoretically POSSIBLE for someone to have tunneled in 
> from below and thrust the cup and saucer up into the 
> place where they were discovered. Apparently Babula 
> later confided to Emma Coulomb that this was exactly 
> what he had done. In the experts' opinion, the 
> phenomenon could not be accepted as scientifically 
> perfect and, somewhat indelicately, they 
> challenged her to repeat it under test conditions. 
> Helena, who had worked hard to stage the tableau, 
> could not keep herself from exploding. Henry vividly 
> remembered that 'she seemed to take leave of her 
> senses and poured out upon the two unfortunate 
> skeptics the thunder of her wrath. And so our pleasant 
> party ended in an angry tempest.' " Caps added 


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