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3 of the testimonies about the cup and saucer

Feb 06, 2012 11:01 PM
by Daniel


and the serious and careful student who wants to grapple with this 
phenomenon would also need to compare and contrast these with several
other accounts including what Coulomb and Hodgson say.  And let us not 
forget to also consider the other  phenomena at the same picnic.  One of
which even took Olcott by surprise.  

Yet even  few students of Theosophy have carefully studied these and similar phenomena which  H.P.B. performed.  

In my opinion these phenomena show one of the remarkable powers of the human mind:  the ability to "create" and manipulate matter in various ways.

Master K.H. wrote the following to A.O. Hume about
a month after Madame Blavatsky performed the cup
and saucer phenomenon. Certainly this passage
shows the philosophical rationale behind the cup
and saucer phenomenon.


The human brain is an exhaustless generator of
the most refined quality of cosmic force, out of
the low, brute energy of nature; and the complete
adept has made himself a centre from which irradiate
potentialities that beget correlations upon
correlations through Aeons to come. This is the
key to the mystery of his being able to project
into and materialise in the visible world the forms
that his imagination has constructed out of inert
cosmic matter in the invisible world. The adept does
not create anything new, but only utilises and
manipulates materials which nature has in store
around him; a material which throughout eternities
has passed through all the forms; he has but to
choose the one he wants and recall it into objective
existence. Would not this sound to one of your
"learned" biologists like a madman's dream?
Quoted from:


Daniel Caldwell


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