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Mahendra P Singhal Elected as TS International Vice President

Feb 04, 2012 06:45 AM
by MKR

In the February 2012, TOS International Newsletter, there is an
announcement about the election of Mahendra P. Singhal as International
Vice President, which is vacant after Linda Oliviera left to take up the
position of General Secretary of Australian Section.

It is a welcome announcement, from two points of view.

Firstly, he comes with heavy experience with TS as well as TOS, having held
the positions of General Secretary of Indian Section as well as National
Director of TOS, India. Secondly he will be moving to Adyar in March and
living there.

The second point is very important. Even with all the current communication
technology, important roles cannot be performed by remote management from a
bedroom 10,000 miles away, as some impractical thinkers seem to dream.
(Worldâs largest communication company AT&T which was headquartered in San
Antonio, Texas where I
live, was moved to Dallas, Texas because the Chairman who lives in Dallas
could not run the company remotely even with access to most leading edge
communication capabilities in the world.). Rumor has it that many other
potential candidates for VP were unable or unwilling to move and live in

Here is the quote from the TOS newsletter.:

Special announcement

âWe are happy to express a warm welcome to the newly elected International
Vice-President of the Theosophical Society, Mr Mahendra P. Singhal.  Our
brother is well known within India where he has held numerous
responsibilities within the TS over his many years of membership.  Of
special interest to TOS members is the fact that Mahendra has twice acted
as National Director of the TOS in India, first from 1985 to 1992 and then
from 2001 to 2004.  Most recently, Mahendra has been free to support our
current Director, Birendra L. Bhattacharyya, by taking responsibility for
the TOS work in Delhi and by attending regional and zonal conferences as
guest speaker.

Mahendra and his wife Shashi will be moving from their home in Delhi to
Adyar in March.  We wish them all the best in their new assignment.â

Announcement and full bio can be found at the following links.



PS: The above welcome news once again makes us wonder why the announcement
was not made on the Adyar Newsletter or even a Newsrelease. (Newsrelease is
the standard protocol in all organizations.)  I am sure Adyar has competent
people who know how to send out a News Release. In addition, I am sure the
General Secretaries are aware of the election (they are the ones who vote)
and they have not taken trouble to inform their members. This yet again
shows that the GS's come asking for donation and support from members, but
do not care to keep members in the dark. What a pity?


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