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Re: theos-talk Update on Krishnamurti School in TS Adyar Property

Jan 31, 2012 06:30 PM
by Cass Silva

Krishnamurti must be turning in his grave!

> From: Sampsa KuukasjÃrvi <>
>Sent: Wednesday, 1 February 2012 5:56 AM
>Subject: Re: theos-talk Update on Krishnamurti School in TS Adyar Property
>MKR, you are right that there should be more transparency concerning the
>General Council discussions. Nevertheless, in Finland where I live, the
>members of the TS (Adyar) get information on international administrative
>issues of the Society pretty well.
>Of course, the Krishnamurti School is for rich people, and the Olcott
>School for underprivileged people. However, I understood that there could
>have been a fruitful alternative to the decision that was made: not either
>- or, but both and. Krishnamurti School would have payed well for
>additional lease, and maybe even the Krishnamurti School teachers might
>have taught something to Olcott school pupils.
>It would indeed be interesting to see documents and proposals that were
>presented to the GC members.
>Yes, Damodar Garden is TS property. It seems that the Krishnamurti School
>made a mistake that it took the lease land granted, though the School is
>not at all a part of the Theosophical Society. The strong lobbying that was
>done for the School came too late.
>2012/1/31 MKR <>
>> **
>> Thanks for the additional information you have provided.
>> It is the lack of transparency and secrecy surrounding the discussions and
>> decision on the K School in Damodar Gardens that does not help anyone,
>> especially the members of TS.
>> Damodar Gardens is TS property acquired from the donations of several
>> ordinary TS members and specifically meant for the activities of
>> Theosophical Society.
>> For all said and done, everyone in Chennai knows K School caters to the
>> kids of super rich and the fat cats in Chennai who support the school can
>> surely find alternative location.
>> Expansion of the Olcott memorial school vocational program is the best
>> thing that can happen to the poor and needy kids from the fisherman
>> community in Adyar who will benefit.
>> K School knew for quite some time that the lease expires in 2014 and why
>> they want till 2016 to move out needs explanation.
>> Also if any documents and proposals were presented to the GC members as
>> part of the push by K School supporters to continue the K school in Damodar
>> Gardens, why not make them available for everyone to see so that we all can
>> come to our own conclusions. We can also see any spinning the supporters
>> tried to do.
>> In all matters where money and property are involved, all kinds of politics
>> automatically gets into it. TS is no exception.
>> Also, it is the lack of transparency of the GC meetings that makes members
>> to take everything with a grain of salt, after all that happened since the
>> last International Election especially the failed ultra secret attempt by a
>> quartet from the West to disenfranchise all the members around the world
>> and seize control of the President.
>> Anyone having more info on the topic is welcome to post it here or can
>> email me off list.
>> MKR
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