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the Masonic Germain, Rakoczi question

Jan 29, 2012 03:03 PM
by Jeremy Condick

"The Master R. or Rakoczi, is the Hungarian Master, living at this time in Hungary, and is the Regent of Europe and America, under the "great Brotherhood." He works through various organizations and movements including Masonry. He is one of the Masters who take pupils." Treatise on Cosmic Fire. 457. AAB. 
"The Count de Saint-Germain left in the hands of this Mason certain documents relating to the history of masonry, and containing the key to more than one misunderstood mystery. He did so on the condition that these documents would become the secret heritage of all those descendants of the Kabbalists who became Masons." BCW XI 184. 
"The Count de Saint-Germain, is supposed to have been an Hungarian by birth." BCW III 123.
"From time to time this strange being appeared in various European capitals, under various names?as Marquis de Montferrat; Count Bellamare, at Venice; Chevalier Schoening, at Pisa; Chevalier Weldon, at Milan; Count Saltikoff, at Genoa; Count Tzarogy, at Schwabach; and, finally, as Count de Saint-Germain." COUNT DE SAINT-GERMAIN 127. BCW III. 
"He then went under the name of Count Tzarogy, under which that his real name was Prince Rakoczy, prior to the confession that he was the last of that royal and unhappy line ... Cooper-Oakley - 1997 - Biography & Autobiography - 256 pages
The Graf Tzarogy had no servant of his own ; he dined as simply as possible in his ... It was impossible to persuade the Graf Tzarogy to dine at the Prince's table, ...
"I certainly would not publish fragmentary details about the remarkable personality of Comte Saint-Germain; better to translate completely the book by Cooper-Oakley.  I consider this work the best among those I have read about Saint Germain." LETTERS OF HELENA ROERICH  VOL II    P 266 40 17 December 1936.  Cooper-Oakley book c1912. See also BCW III Gloss. 

"The Master who concerns himself especially with the future development of racial affairs in Europe, and with the mental outgrowth in America and Australia, is the Master Rakoczi. He is a Hungarian, and has a home in the Carpathian mountains, and was at one time a well-known figure at the Hungarian Court. Reference to him can be found in old historical books, and he was particularly before the public eye when he was the Comte de St. Germain, and earlier still when he was both Roger Bacon and later, Francis Bacon. It is interesting to note that as the Master R. takes hold, on the inner planes, of affairs in Europe, his name as Francis Bacon is coming before the public eye in the Bacon-Shakespeare controversy. He is rather a small, spare man, with pointed black beard, and smooth black hair, and does not take as many pupils as do the Masters previously mentioned. He is at present handling the majority of the third ray pupils in the occident in conjunction with the Master Hilarion. The Master R. is upon the seventh Ray, that of Ceremonial Magic or Order, and he works largely through esoteric ritual and ceremonial, being vitally interested in the effects, hitherto unrecognized, of the ceremonial of the Freemasons, of the various fraternities and of the Churches everywhere. He is called in the Lodge, usually, "the Count," and in America and Europe acts Practically as the general manager for the carrying out of the plans of the executive council of the Lodge. Certain of the Masters form around the three great Lords an inner group, and meet in council with great frequency." Initiation Human and Solar. 59. c1920. 
"In a letter written by Count von Alvensleben to Emperor Frederick II, whose ambassador he was at Dresden, and dated June 25, 1777, the writer says that Count de Saint-Germain told him that he was known as Prince Rákóczy.... Any connection with the House of Rákóczy on the part of Count de Saint-Germain cannot be established by any accessible historical data or available documentary evidence, even though this idea may appeal to the imagination of certain students and serve as a suitable background for their speculations. We do not deny the possibility of such a connection, which may or may not have existed, subject to future disclosures. We simply warn the careful student not to accept on mere hearsay, alleged facts which, in reality, cannot be at present either proved or disproved by any tangible evidence." Collected Writings VOLUME III. GENERAL BIBLIOGRAPHY. 
"There exists the grave of Comte Saint-Germain, but, in fact, a substitute body is buried there." Letters Helena Roerich. II 219.
"In some cases, a substitute would be buried, as it was, for instance, at the departure of Master R." Letters Helena Roerich. II 372. 


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> "Master Rakocziwho" - this is Bailey Crapola. Some Carrithers student you are, he would turn over in his grave (or funery urn.)
> - jake j.

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> > One of course recalls 'let America be free' as peeled forth by Count St Germain shortly to become Master Rakoczi. Also of the magnificent courage of HPB shooting the Papists, as a volunteer at the battle of Mentana! Moreover, of Lord Ripon and his Councillors, behind the veil, that is. JPC. 

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