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Re: theos-talk Beating of the drum.

Jan 25, 2012 08:13 AM
by Augoeides-222


 Well, Both Blavatsky and the sutra's of Siv a' school mention o r teach directly or obliquely about the following: 

"Spanda" --- viz the Cosmic Divine Pulsation ,in the Siva' School it is characterized as the sound of Siva's "drum" which is characterized as the throbbing of the Heart Pulse of the Creation. 

"Throb in the motionless Siva' which brings about the mani fes tation, maintenance, and withdrawal of the universe; svatantriya s'akti, creative pulsation" ref.: Spanda Karikas, Jaideva Singh 

"Sphurrata" The Gleam; a throb like gleam of theÂabsolute Freedom ofthe Divine bringing about the world-process;spanda, the Light of the Spirit 

Transformation is enhanceme n t, "cha nge" is at times unsettling 


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Subject: theos-talk Beating of the drum. 



Beating of the drum. 

In meditation the appears to be a beating of the drum visualisation. To what does this allude? The feeling is one of solar forces shifting and the rhythm of life or the heartbeat of Gaia â mother earth. There seems to be light-forms in the still-silence of my mind. I sense the largeness of the sun shifting and moving in her bed. I sense as she rolls-over in her sleep, she disturbs all the little babies (planets) in her room. 

Of course this is purely a visitation but it's new, fresh and comes with great gusto. 

As 98persent of this universe is unknown to science. Can the intuitive abstract capabilities of the human mind interoperate such images? 

Does TS swobble over the words of our descendants or examine, help and guide those peoples of the present? 

This solar system is clearly rumbling, you can feel it. 

I feel a storm coming. 


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