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Cass's Altruism Quote

Jan 23, 2012 01:03 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Cass:  Looks like it is not a real quote, although "signed" HPB by you (I'm fore-warned now) - but your paraphrase from Blavatsky viewpoints - pretty good, but a little off maybe.  Good article you posted the link to.  On there is a short file "Blavatsky on Altruism" of quotes by Blavatsky on Altruism.
                   - jake

>5a. Re: 1000 HPB reference books
    Posted by: "Cass Silva" silva_cass
    Date: Sun Jan 22, 2012 4:52 pm ((PST))

> From: Mark  Jaqua <>
>Sent: Sunday, 22 January 2012 3:11 AM
>Subject: theos-talk 1000 HPB reference books
>Cass writes and quotes:
>>Altruism engendered by the lower mind and energized by the lower devotion is not true altruism.
>>The mind free from attacks of kama is energized by the compassionate reason or Buddhi, and >thus wedded is ensouled by the Self of Creative-Power, which is the true doer of deeds. Then >comes into manifestation the higher altruism in which charity is just and not merely kind, altruism >which enables man to discard the crutch of dependence and to stand on his own feet in self-trust. HPB
>Great quote.  I am wondering if you have the reference on it.
>I have just re-read what has to be one of HPB's best articles on practical psychology:  "Are Dreams but Idle Visions?" (Jan., 1882, Theosophist) The one before it in The Theosophist is good too.
>1000 "Isis Unveiled" references:  In the back of the Theosophical Publishing House's " vol. 2 "Isis," the is a long bibliography (composed by Boris de Zirkoff, I suppose) of about a 1000 most formerly arcane and impossible to find books, and series, supposedly referred to by Blavatsky in Isis.  Now, I'd say about 3/4 of these books can be found on Google books,, and elsewhere.  It is a real gold-mind.  Maybe most of the books are incidentally referred to by Blavatsky, but many are worth reading in themselves. 
>Loeb Classical Library books are not listed individually (like Lucian, 3 books referred to in Isis.)   I'd recommend Lucian's "De Dea Syria," (The Goddess Syria) for an interesting account of a Mystery Temple of 2000 years ago.   All that is available is over-whelming.
>- jake j.

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