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to govert: reading two books meade and caldwell

Jan 20, 2012 08:18 PM
by Daniel


when i was working on my book Esoteric world of madame blavatsky, i especially on purpose included much relevant material which meade had completely ignored in her book or had downplayed and hardly mentioned.  so if anything one should read the meade book comparing and contrasting it with my book.

and in my book i on purpose included coulombs and hodgsons accounts on the mahatmas so that the perceptive reader could compare and  contrast what they said withthe accounts of witnesses who testified they had seen and encountered  the mahatmas.

on my website i even include the testimony of coulomb and hodgson.  see

compare and contrast their accounts with for example olcott's accounts:

what would a historian or a member of a jury conclude by reading, studying and anlyzing these accounts?

food for thought.


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