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Documentary on Annie Besant

Jan 20, 2012 06:46 AM
by MKR

Contributions of Annie Besant to Theosophy and service to Humanity is very
well known. She gave prime of her life and her charismatic personality
brought many volunteers into theosophy. In hind sight, today,  one may
engage in arm chair criticism of her, the fact remains that her sacrifices
were enormous considering what many of us have sacrificed.

I ran into three documentaries on her on youtube. The links are:


Today we can broadcast videos with very little effort and almost no cost.
Classic example was how quickly the Science and Theosophy lecture by Prof
Menon was uploaded to youtube so that all of us around the world can watch
it. This can be followed by all lectures in major events and it is upto us
to take advantage of. Old business models of distribution is now replaced
by online availability at no cost. TS, once in the forefront of many social
issues, can take full advantage of todayâs Internet environment. Why it is
not done, is a $64,000 question. All we can do is to speculate. Could it be
that Dugpas holding back???


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