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Compassion .......................... what is it?

Jan 20, 2012 02:41 AM
by marcus_a_hughes


Compassion,    what is it?

When you contemplate the welfare of your fellow creatures, does one consider the real nature of this world.  For example : When the wildebeest migrate across the crocodile infested river, who requires our compassion, the wildebeest or the crocodile?  Mother-nature is a perfect demonstration of the sacred laws of this universe.  All apparent endings are only new beginnings, but we humans need a duality, why?

With this in mind, Let's  consider human oppression.  This struggle of the human slaves has existed throughout all of our historical  attempts at human social order, but Why??? 
Why have there always been slaves, or the oppressed ???

Gort said : Show your TRUE compassion ,for the benefit of all .

Maybe nature's true compassion is already being shown, today here-now.  The people masses only need to understand that it's the people that run, resource, support and enable any country. It has always been the slaves which held the true power.  

The emaciation of the ancient Egyptian slaves by Moses was because the slaves made-up 95percent of the population. They were the true power.    China will be no different, it has too many slaves.  The more oppressed the Chinese people become, the greater their incentive to rise above oppression.  In the western world there are similar volumes of oppressed but the techniques of oppression here, are to psychologically sedate and deluded the masses with consumerism and the pretence of democracy.

Rest assured that the current design of the human gene is to suffer and then rebel. It's what we always do.

Remember this is an intelligent creation.  Life has and is prospering everywhere on this planet and this is because it is supposed to. 

When the time is right for the human collective to awaken form the delusion of Separateness. Only then, will the human methods of oppression cease to have effect. Only then can we move away from the need to have oppressors and the oppressed.

Until then don't worry,  God is in charge ???????  Heal thy self.


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