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RE: theos-talk read and study all the writers whether students, critics, scholars

Jan 19, 2012 09:54 PM
by Govert Schuller

Yes, it takes some tenacity and money to get hold of all these studies and
critically read them. They're not readily available in Theosophical
libraries, though that's changing. And if one has the money, opportunity and
time to study Marion Meade's "Madame Blavatsky," which I very much
recommend, then you have to read also Walter Carrithers' review, and not
just read it, but check it to see if it's accurate. And if you've read the
Hodgson Report you have to read Vernon Harrison's critique and check if what
he states is correct. Etc., etc. 



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Subject: theos-talk read and study all the writers whether students,
critics, scholars



Govert, you write:

"The scholars I mentioned are important, because, in the absence of
scholars and whether we like to hear what they say or not, we'll have to
do with these guys if we want a better understanding of Theosophy from a
historical perspective."

I believe you were writing this in response to something Sufilight said.

I would reply to Theos-Talk readers: the seeker of "truth" should want to
listen and 
consider and ponder on what theosophical authors write, what skeptics and
scholars also write.

I always ask. myself: can i learn something from this author. i should first
read the author and see if i first of all understand what they are conveying
to me. of course i want to also test and verify what they tell me. have they
done their homework, etc. etc. i really wonder how many blavatsky students
have actually taken the time to read and study the hodgson report and the
coulomb pamphlet. compare and contrast the statements with other relevant
sources. etc. etc. 

one can learn so much if one listens to these authors...not naively
believing them or disbelieving.

the wiliams and mead books on hpb are goldmines for study. but only by
careful research and study will one be in a position to know when they are
giving facts and correct information and when they are misreporting and
distorting the historical record.

of course probably most readers and even theosophical students aren't
willing to devote the time and effort to do any of this. it is easier to
just accept what some author says.


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