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Re: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question

Jan 18, 2012 04:46 PM
by Augoeides-222

Govert, all, 

 Well I also think and have a view that so often people read Blavatsky use words from the east and long tradition and then they never look into the source of the words Like: 

Vidya p.31-----Vidya is knowledge or science; derived from the verb-root "vid" to know. Atma Vidya is Self knowledge or the science of the Atman or Divine Being within every man. It is verily Universal Wisdom (Judith Tyberg (Yotipriya) M.A., M. Th., Ph.D. from Theosophical University Â, M.A. in Indian Religion & Philosophy from Benares Hindu University - Sanscrit Keys to the Wisdom Religion 1940, she ws for decades in Los Angelos running the "East-West Center" there. 

Atman--P.32 The Self, the Divinity or Highest Principle of man; Pure Consciousness. Atman is that universal self of man which is the same in every living being which linkseach and all with Brahman, the Self of the Universe. The root of the word Atman is uncertain, but it is very likely from a verb-root meaning "to breathe". 

Vidya P.41 Language of the Gods --- Wisdom (from the verb-root "vid" to know.(Jnana --- Knowledge from the verb-root "Jna" to know. 

ÂÂÂÂ Vijnana - Spiritual perception; truth-consciousness; Super minded activity from the verb-root "jna" to know and "vi" apart; hence to discern. 

Prana Vidya p. 124 The wisdom of the living breathe - the life force; the Pussiance of the creative consciousness. It leads one to carry out successfully in the individual life the functions of Universal ÂLife, having no divided will but acting one with the will of the Lord; hence the wisdom which leads to unionwith the creative and dynamic Energy of Ishvara, the Universal lord and makes one a dynamic channel of Universal Life. 

Madhu Vidya P. 124 The wisdom which Delights or "secret honey" of the creative Spirit or the Absolute, that which brings unification and balance and harmony to all the variations of the Divine Play (of Life) (Lila). 

Vaisvanara Vidya P. 124 the wisdom which the awakening of the heartÂto the realization of the Cosmic Self active in all beings; the oneness of each with the Universal Spirt (Vaisvanara = Universal Being ). 

Sandilya-vidya p.124 the wisdom enjoined by the sage Sandilya: the discipline which envisages the Spirit (Purusha) as the soul in relationto it's material, vital, and mental vehicles as well as to it's higher Spiritual sources, light and powers; hance a comprehensive vision of the soul in it's various aspects. 

Vijnmana- Maya-kosha p. 119Â Atamn's first veil is anandamaya- koshathe Spiritual Soul or Buddhi (sheath of the Sun) Vijnanamaya-kosha is the Higher mind. Manasputric SoulÂ. 


And to my reasoning it perplexes me how anyne can arrive at a fulness of understanding her Secrat Doctrine with out doing the background research into the real origins she quite plainly posts and indicates 
which will fill out the blank spaces for people. 

Here are references to Judith Tybergs authored books, some people here may be able to add to their librarys; 

"Sanskrit Keys to the Wisdom-Religion -- An Expostion of the Philosophical and Religious Teachings Imbodied in the Sanskrit Terms Used In Theosophical and Occult Literature"Â Theosophiucal University Press, Point Loma, California, 160 p. , 1940 

"The Language of the Gods --- Sanskrit Keys toÂIndia's Wisdom" Pub. East - West Cultural Centre 2865, West Ninth Street, Los Angeles, Cal. 90006, U.S.A. -- produced by Kalakhetra Publications, Thiruvanmiyur, Madras - 41, India 1970, 283 p. 

in addition also 

"Vedanta Dictionary" by Ernest Wood, former PresidentÂand DeanÂof American Academy of Asian StuidiesÂ, 1964, 225 p. ÂÂ 



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>From the pov of the history of ideas applied to HPBâs Theosophy there are many sources which can be consulted, some better than others. One of the great studies is Godwinâs âThe Theosophical Enlightenment.â Then we have of course the work by K Paul Johnson, Deveney, Martin Brauen, Santucci, Olaf Hammer and others in the academic realm. Then youâll have to incorporate some findings by HPBâs skeptical biographers like Meade and Williams. And very carefully one will have to revaluate the use of the outright detractors like the Coulombs, Hodgson, Solofyoff, Coleman and plenty of others. Another source of HPB might have been the genre of Gothic literature with Bulwer-Lytton as the most important writer. Then you have to look at HPBâs precursors and contemporaries like Higgins, Kardec, A.J. Davis, and very importantly Emma Hardinge Britten. 

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Dear Govert 

My views are: 

The below words is a different post and an extension of the post mentioned with the 11 still unfinished pages, where I compared the candidates with each other, in the name of comparative studying. 

Govert wrote: 
"Iâm now more interested how that idea (and ideal) came 
historically into being, how it was disseminated and how HPB ran with it and 
presented her own version." 

M. Sufilight says: 
Interesting. Are there any info at all on this from other authors in the past? 

I found this one apparently written by you: 

A few words about the above PDF-file: 
About J. Krishnamurti I would say Successful in his world and among his followers. But he failed as Avatar (World Teacher) on a more global scale. As an ordinary "Torch-bearer", he did not give Irrefutable Proof on the science on Gupta-Vidya - more than many other contemporary teachers did. And I think this last sentence can be documented. But as I said - it depends on how people understand the term "Irrefutable Proof on the science on Gupta-Vidya". No doubt the term aught to be defined as Blavatsky did - as the science on Atma-Vidya (Gupta-Vidya or Greek Gnosis - and this is an esoteric and exoteric psychological doctrine and a philosophical one as well, also known as Occult teachings - and Secret Knowledge and more). And this implies - a proof on Atma-Vidya as a Science, not as a mere belief, as I see it, analogically on various levels of existence, - just like Blavatsky sought to give a proof on the fact that physical matter is not dead matter - and that all and everything is alive. The proof must therefore logically deal with the Science on Psychology within the Atma-Vidya science - through Altruism of the heart. Well as I see it. More documentation is sought by given the below quotes. 

In the below I have "excavated" a number (not all of them) of the relevant quotes on how Blavatsky actually defined the term Gupta-Vidya (ie. Atma-Vidya and Greek Gnosis - as is shown in the below quotes.) There are more info on for instance the term "Gnosis" in Blavatsky's Collected Writings. There are other terms used by Blavatsky than these...She delibarately used several terms for the same idea? - so to make it more difficult for the readers to understand - but certainly also so to awaken the intuition - as she mentioned in the beginning of the Secret Doctrine...More ordinary systematic philosophical written teachings most often merely awaken the intellect. 

I am, after the quotes, making a conclusion on why the Science of Psychology necessarily one way or the other must play a Key role in all these things...with regard to the Science of Gupta-Vidya...well as I see it. 

H. P. Blavatsky wrote: 
"Atma-Vidya," or the true Spiritual and Divine wisdom" (SD. Vol. I. p. 169) 
"And how many are capable of bringing themselves to even a superficial comprehension of Atma-Vidya (Spirit-Knowledge), or what is called by the Sufis, Rohanee! " (SD. Vol. I. p. 199) 
" Hence Esoteric philosophy passes over the necessarianism of this purely metaphysical conception, and calls the first one, only, the Ever Existing. This is the view of every one of the six great schools of Indian philosophyâthe six principles of that unit body of WISDOM of which the "gnosis," the hidden knowledge, is the seventh." 
(SD. Vol. I. p. 278 - Gnosis is Gupta-Vidya as later quotes will show the readers.) 

"Gupta Vidya (secret knowledge)" (SD. Vol. I. p. 498) 

........."and in true OCCULTISM."... "This last word is certainly misleading, translated as it stands from the compound word Gupta-Vidya, âSecret Knowledge.â But the knowledge of what? Some of the Sanskrit terms may help us." 
"ATMA-VIDYA, a term which is translated simply âknowledge of the Soul,â true Wisdom by the Orientalists, but which means far more. 
This last is the only kind of Occultism that any theosophist who admires Light on the Path, and who would be wise and unselfish, ought to strive after." 
"All the others may be mastered and results obtained, whether good, bad, or indifferent; but Atma-Vidya sets small value on them. It includes them all and may even use them occasionally, but it does so after purifying them of their dross, for beneficent purposes, and taking care to deprive them of every element of selfish motive. Let us explain: any man or woman can set himself or herself to study one or all of the above specified âOccult Artsâ without any great previous preparation, and even without adopting any too restraining mode of life. One could even dispense with any lofty standard of morality. In the last case, of course, ten to one the student would blossom into a very decent kind of sorcerer, and tumble down headlong into black magic." 
"For we say it again, hypnotism and vivisection as practised in such schools, are Sorcery pure and simple, minus a knowledge that the Voodoos and Dugpas enjoy, and which no Charcot-Richet can procure for himself in fifty years of hard study and experimental observation. Let then those who will dabble in magic, whether they understand its nature or not, but who find the rules imposed upon students too hard, and who, therefore, lay Atma-Vidya or Occultism asideâgo without it." 
.......and directly leading to....... 
"Let them know at once and remember always, that true Occultism or Theosophy is the âGreat Renunciation of SELF,â unconditionally and absolutely, in thought as in action. It is ALTRUISM, and it throws him who practises it out of calculation of the ranks of the living altogether. âNot for himself, but for the world, he lives,â as soon as he has pledged himself to the work. Much is forgiven during the first years of probation. But, no sooner is he âacceptedâ than his personality must disappear, and he has to become a mere beneficent force in Nature." 
"This is the Gate of the Occult arts, practised for selfish motives and in the absence of the restraining and beneficent influence of ATMA-VIDYA. We are in the Kali Yuga and its fatal influence is a thousand-fold more powerful in the West than it is in the East; hence the easy preys made by the Powers of the Age of Darkness in this cyclic struggle, and the many delusions under which the world is now labouring. " 

"It is written in an old book of occult studies: 
âGupta-Vidyà (Secret Science) is an attractive sea, but stormy and full of rocks. The navigator who risks himself thereon, if he be not wise and full of experience,* will be swallowed up, wrecked upon one of the thousand submerged reefs. " 
" The gnosis preceded that era, for it was the direct continuation of the Gupta-Vidyà (âsecret knowledgeâ or âknowledge of Brahmanâ) of ancient India, transmitted through Egypt; just as the theurgy of the Philaletheians was the continuation of the Egyptian mysteries. In any case, the point from which this diabolic magic starts, is the Supreme Divinity; its end and final goal, the union of the divine spark which animates man with the parent-flame which is the Divine All." 
"We are accused of mystery, and we are reproached with making a secret of the higher Theosophy. We confess that the doctrine which we call gupta-vidyà (secret science) is only for the few. But who were the masters in ancient times who did not keep their teachings secret, for fear they would be profaned?" 
"That Gnosis represents the aggregate of all the sciences, the accumulated knowledge [savoir] of all the gods and demi-gods incarnated in former times upon the earth. There are some who would like to see in these the fallen angels and the enemy of mankind; those sons of God who, seeing that the daughters of men were fair, took them for wives and imparted to them all the secrets of heaven and earth. Let them do so. We believe in AvatÃras and in divine dynasties, in an epoch when there were in fact âgiants upon the earth,â but we emphatically repudiate the idea of âfallen angelsâ and of Satan and his army. 
âWhat then is your religion or your belief?â we are asked. âWhat is your favourite study?â 

âTRUTH,â we reply. Truth wherever we find it; for, like Ammonius Saccas, our great ambition would be to reconcile the different religious systems, to help each one to find the truth in his own religion, while obliging him to recognize it in that of his neighbour. What matters the name if the thing itself is essentially the same?" 
"Theosophy being the way that leads to Truth, in every religion as in every science, occultism is, so to say, the touchstone and universal solvent." 
"In the T.S. every Fellow is at liberty to study what he pleases, provided he does not venture into unknown paths which would of a certainty lead him to black magic, the sorcery against which Ãliphas LÃvi so openly warned the public. The occult sciences are dangerous for him who understands them imperfectly. Anyone who gave himself to their practice ALONE would run the risk of becoming insane and those who study them would do well to unite in small groups of from three to seven. These groups ought to be of uneven numbers in order to have more power; a group, however little cohesion it may possess, forming a single united body, wherein the senses and perceptions of the single units complement and mutually help each other, one member supplying to another the quality in which he is wantingâsuch a group will always end by becoming a perfect and invincible body. âUnion is strength.â " -------------- !!!!!!!! 
"* The meaning of the word Vidyà can only be rendered by the Greek term gnosis, the knowledge of hidden and spiritual things; or again, the knowledge of Brahma, that is to say, of the God that contains all the gods. " (Uppercase added on the word "alone" in the above by M. Sufilight.) 

"But the Upanishads and the Kabbalah require for their complete understanding a key, and the latter can be found only in the hands of the âinitiatedâ Adepts of the Gupta-VidyÃ, the secret science, i.e., the authors of the books on the VedÃnta.*" 
"* As a proof of the fact that it is precisely in the Upanishads that we have to look for the source of all the succeeding systems of philosophy of Asia Minor and Europe."......."The great teachers of this highest knowledge are not Brahmans but Kshatriyas, and Brahmans are continually represented as going to the great Kshatriya kings (especially Janaka of Videha), to become their pupils" 
(Ie. Buddhism, Vedanta, Krishna-religions, etc. etc. all have their origin from the Upanishads one way or the other..:! Even so the Upanishads are not the oldest system and the present versions needs a key to be understood completely.) 

"As a name, Gnosticism is derived from the Greek gnosis (, âknowledge,â more specifically spiritual knowledge or esoteric wisdom, a knowledge not attainable by ordinary intellectual processes, and only to be gained by mystical enlightenment or the awakening of the Buddhic elements in man." 
(---elsewhere by Blavatsky also: "True Christianity, died with the Gnosis.") 


M. Sufilight says: 
Now the last quote in the below is very interesting - to me - and contain some of the main the views and aims I am constantly seeking to get across, ...with regard to any "Torch-bearer" teachings on the Science (not belief) on Gupta-Vidya (ie. Atma-Vidya or Greek Gnosis, see quotes in the above...) And I seek to do this from my heart, well-meaningly, seeking to help us all....although my use of words and choice of words might be problematic to some from time to time....perhaps mostly those who are intolerant in their altruism. Esoteric Psychology from the heart - also self-consciousness of the heart - in a sense a doctrine on Transpersonal Psychology of the heart, if I may use such an expression, and similar ones. As said in the below - prejudice - has to be removed. 

"Useless to say that we decline the compromise. It is quite possibleâânay, probable and almost unavoidableââthat âthe mistakes madeâ in the rendering of such abstruse metaphysical tenets as those contained in Eastern Occultism, should be âfrequent and often important.â But then all such have to be traced back to the interpreters, not to the system itself. They have to be corrected on the authority of the same Doctrine, checked by the teachings grown on the rich and steady soil of Gupta Vidya, not by the speculations that blossom forth today, to die tomorrowââon the shifting sands of modern scientific guesswork, especially in all that relates to psychology and mental phenomena. Holding to our motto, âThere is no religion higher than truth,â we refuse most decidedly to pander to physical science. Yet, we may say this: If the so-called exact sciences limited their activity only to the physical realm of nature; if they concerned themselves strictly with surgery, chemistryââup to its legitimate boundaries, and with physiology so far as the latter relates to the structure of our corporeal frame, then the Occultists would be the first to seek help in modern sciences, however many their blunders and mistakes. But once that overstepping material Nature the physiologists of the modern âanimalisticâ* school pretend to meddle with, and deliver ex cathedra dicta on, the higher functions and phenomena of the mind, saying that a careful analysis brings them to a firm conviction that no more than the animal is man a free agent, far less a responsible oneââthen the Occultist has a far greater right than the average modern âIdealistâ to protest. And the Occultist asserts that no materialistââa prejudiced and one-sided witness at bestââcan claim any authority in the question of mental physiology, or that which is now called by him the physiology of the soul. No such noun can be applied to the word âsoul,â unless, indeed, by soul only the lower, psychic mind is meant, or that which develops in man (proportionally with the perfection of his brain) into intellect, and in the animal into a higher instinct. But since the great Charles Darwin taught that âour ideas are animal motions of the organ of senseâ everything becomes possible to the modern physiologist. 
Thus, to the great distress of our scientifically inclined Fellows, it is once more Luciferâs duty to show how far we are at loggerheads with exact science, or shall we say, how far the conclusions of that science are drifting away from truth and fact. By âscienceâ we mean, of course, the majority of the men of science; the best minority, we are happy to say, is on our side, at least as far as free will in man and the immateriality of the mind are concerned. The study of the âPhysiologyâ of the Soul, of the Will in man and of his higher Consciousness from the standpoint of genius and its manifesting faculties, can never be summarized into a system of general ideas represented by brief formulae; no more than the psychology of material nature can have its manifold mysteries solved by the mere analysis of its physical phenomena. There is no special organ of will, any more than there is a physical basis for the activities of self-consciousness." 

"But if the question is further pressed as to the physical basis for the activities of self-consciousness, no answer can be given or even suggested. From its very nature, that marvelous verifying actus of mind in which it recognizes itself as the subject of its own states, and also recognizes the states as its own, can have no analogous or corresponding material substratum. It is impossible to specify any physiological process representing this unifying actus; it is even impossible to imagine how the description of any such process could be brought into intelligible relation with this unique mental power.* 

Thus, the whole conclave of psycho-physiologists may be challenged to correctly define Consciousness, and they are sure to fail because Self-consciousness belongs alone to man and proceeds from the SELF, the higher Manas. Only, whereas the psychic element (or Kama-manas)â is common to both the animal and the human beingââthe far higher degree of its development in the latter resting merely on the great perfection and sensitiveness of his cerebral cellsââno physiologist, not even the cleverest, will ever be able to solve the mystery of the human mind, in its highest spiritual manifestation, or in its dual aspect of the psychic and the noÃtic (or the manasic),â or even to comprehend the intricacies of the former on the purely material planeââunless he knows something of, and is prepared to admit the presence of this dual element. This means that he would have to admit a lower (animal), and a higher (or divine) mind in man, or what is known in Occultism as the âpersonalâ and the âimpersonalâ Egos. For, between the psychic and the noÃtic, between the Personality and the Individuality, there exists the same abyss as between a âJack the Ripper,â and a holy Buddha. Unless the physiologist accepts all this, we say, he will ever be led into a quagmire. We intend to prove it." 

M. Sufilight says: 
The above was written in 1890, when the old lady probably knew she was not going to live many days more - This is among the strongest indications or clear presentations by Blavatsky on that the Science on Psychology - necessarily will have to be dealt with when learning about the Science of Gupta-Vidya !!! - Esoteric Psychology primarily of course. Not without understand basic exoteric psychological knowledge of today - how can one claim real Knowledge of Esoteric Psychology?) 

Therefore, as I see it, one could easily be lead to call the Science (not belief) of Atma-Vidya (Gupta-Vidya) - secret knowledge on Altruism - or - better the Science (not belief) on Heartflow-Psychology of the Self (Atma) to use a more down to earth expression, which perhaps i more easily understood. And this last term is based on all the above quotes.- The Science of Gupta-Vidya is as Blavatsky said "the awakening of the Buddhic elements in man". (Se quote in the above.) - And this is an important statement ! ---- Because as I understand it - and I am not alone in this - the awakening of the Buddhic element - and the proof of its existence - can only occur through a psychological change in individual - through the heart of compassion and altruism, and knowledge of the science of Psychology - esoterical and exoterical. And the Science of Psychology is the cornerstone in proving this --- primarily in the esoterical sense of course. (Also: "But as the Gnosis is the Science pertaining to our Higher Self, as blind faith is a matter of temperament and emotionalism" BCW. Vol. XIV, p. 304) ---- It has been proven in many instances - that among the use of written material - Zen Koans, fairytales, short stories, proverbs, fables, or as in Blavatsky Secret Doctrine - myths and legends - are far better instruments in provoking the theosophical exoerience in the Seeker - or what we call the awakening of the Buddhic Element in man - Atma-Vidya. Mere intellecutalizing of the whole affair is only a premilinary step - as well as psychological knowledge - self-consciousness. Yet, even so there are many varied methods - which can be used, and combinations of allegories and systematic teachings can also be helpful.. 

I wrote it so that you, Govert and others might be able to find it useful - in giving an even better evaluating J. Krishnamurti's role with regard to Gupta-Vidya teachings. And perhaps one from the above quotes will understand that J. Krishnamurti's solitude path is not - quite adequate enough. But again all the above in this post - are of course just my humble views - and I will gladly welcome - something that can improve it - also while showing me wrong in my views. 

All wrong-doing arises because of mind. 
If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain? 
- The Buddha 

M. Sufilight 
(True love has no limits.And is always tolerant.) 

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Dear Morten, 

Thanks for your relative short answer. 8^) 

Your thoughts are your own here and Iâm not in the position, time-wise, to 
debate them. 

I did develop some criteria by which to recognize either the torch-bearer 
and/or the 20th century effort and evaluated different candidates according 
to the criteria. Will share that later. 

At this moment Iâm not looking for any irrefutable proof for the, or a, 
Gupta-Vidya. Iâm now more interested how that idea (and ideal) came 
historically into being, how it was disseminated and how HPB ran with it and 
presented her own version. 



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Dear Govert anf friends 

My views are: 

I am a bit late with a least more than usual... 

I am contemplating an longer answer than this one as we speak. I have 
written 11 pages answering your a, b and c, but I have cut it short in the 
below. It takes some time to reach a clear conclusion - there are so many 
angles to consider you know - and also because I am in a learning proces. 
I think views differ on who fits the bill best with regard to the so-called 
"Torch-bearer" title mentioned by Blavatsky in her book the Secret Doctrine, 
vol. I, p. xxxviii. 

The likely candidates are among the most often mentioned the following: 
Whether it was J. Krishnamurti (d. 1986), Alice A. Bailey (d. 1949), S. 
Subramania Iyer (d. 1924) and his Avatar. 
Ananda Tara Shan (claimed to be Blavatsky re-incarnated...I doubt it.) (d. 
2002), Sathya Sai Baba (d. 2011) or another possible candidate (just name 
one and I will add the person) ...will as a minimum have to be compared 
before we reach a more clear picture on this...Well as I see it. 

First. With regard to the "Torch-Bearer" idea - the main focus is, as I see 
it, to always keep in mind that Altruism is the core of the matter here, And 
that Altruism, as I see it for logical reasons, never will succeed in being 
promoted without a Psychological Change - ie. Psychological Knowledge - and 
therefore also awareness about the Science on Psychology (exoteric and 
esoteric) and the Science Subtle Mind Control - especially within religions 
- ie. taking into account whether one promotes a sectarian or non-sectarian 
doctrine - for instance a doctrine about a "Torch-bearer". Both are Sciences 
- not beliefs. And this is also important. --- So I am not about to seek to 
promote one or another Guru for the readers in this post - using ann 
approach which is not taking the Science of Subtle Mind Control into account 
- when answering your interesting post Govert. It think thÃs is important to 

And because of this - the angle - used to approach the issue discussed - 
"Torch-bearer" or Maitreya or not - one aught therefore as I see it - to 
take the Science of Subtle Mind Control into account - and - avoid the risk 
of promoting one of the usual personality cults which - perhaps -could be 
emanating from such an exchange like the present one we have. Because it 
must also be true - that each individuals view about the issue - certainly 
might differ because of their own level of being Subtly Mind Controlled --- 
or not. And since it is subtle - each of us - might be victim of it without 
actually being aware of it. So I will keep these preliminary points into 
account when we I proceed. I will mentioned and name some of the Authors on 
the Science of Subtle Mind Control within ordinary science and spiritual 
science when asked about. 

My humble conclusion is - that all the above mentioned Candidates - did a 
poor job on the explaining the Science of Subtle Mind Control. But maybe 
that was not their task - karmically speaking - who actually knows? 
Almost none of the above candidates gave the Irrefutable proof on the 
science called Gupta-Vidya (ie. Atma-Vidya). Perhaps Sai Baba fits the bill 
better than any other candidate. But then again - either he was the greatest 
conman in the last century or else he was the greatest Occulist - with 
regard to be showing signs on Extra Sensory Preseption. Most people would 
oppose this. I would not say that J. Krishnamurti taught more than Sai Baba 
on the science of Atma-Vidya - and - others in the Alice A. Bailey camp 
would claim that Alice A. Bailey did so - despite some of us find this view 

--- Union is Strength or Solitude is Strength - that is a vital question? 
And J. Krishnamurti was, as I see it, more or less clumsy in teaching the 
doctrine forwarded by Blavatsky on why the TS was founded: Union is Strength 
when one promote altruism (!!!) He seemed to have taught - Solitude is 
strength instead, (An odd doctrine to promote by an alleged World Teacher of 
the Age. - Any comments?). - The actual truth is - BOTH - extrovert and 
introvert is strength. Simple logic tells us this. One could say that the TS 
for various reasons - being non-sectarian and all - to a certain extend 
omitted that part of the equation called solitude. J. Krishnamurti omitted 
the idea that Union is strength. - Guru's are crutches and similar oneliners 
coming from his mouth. - But I give the Theosophical Society the upper hand 
here - because it was also said, that not all belong as members of the 
Society, and, that, altruism sometimes is best promoted in solitude. And on 
top of that this was only mentioned by some members of the Theosophical 
Society, which ORIGINALLY was an Absolutely Non-sectarian Society - with no 
Solitude Guru - who reject all other Guru's or crutches but his own voice - 
or at least was so clumsy as to give the expression that this was his 
message. And that all spiritual organisations in fact was more or less no 
good - mere sects and all. - And then afterwards he went and created hos - 
own - so to speak Sectarian - Childrens Schools with the other hand - just 
to in his last years of his life to end up in a trial with his best friend 
Rajagopal - on rather trivial matters - compared to a geuine Avatar - 
consciousness - or even that of a Master. 

But what is it to give Irrefutable proof on Gupta-Vidya (ie. Atma-Vidya)??? 
I think when this is agreed upon - some of the above mentioned candidates 
will vanish - if not all of them. And your questions a, b, and c - will be 
more easy to answer. 
And Blavatsky did not say that the "Torch-bearer" inevitably would arrive, 
(See Sd. Vol. I, p. xxxviii). 
So what is the answer among the readers - and - you Govert on Gupta-Vidya 
and what is "Irrefutable proof", in what sense is it to be understood? 

M. Sufilight 

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Dear Morton, 

Thanks for your long reply. I'll try to be brief. Keep in mind that the big 
questions in this matter are a) whether the project/program with K was 
genuine or not, b) whether it was successful or not (with the chance of it 
being not genuine but still successful), and I'll add c) whether HPB's 
Torch-bearer prophecy/program was genuine or not (with the possibility that 
the program was one of HPB's concoctions but found a surprising fulfillment 
in K). 

For starters, the following statements would be in support of the idea that 
HPB's program was genuine, that it was implemented with K and somehow 

1) The words "World Teacher" or "Messiah" to designate the expected 
"Torch-bearer of Truth" are not mine but were used by CWL and AB. One 
Theosophist (Jean Overton Fuller) argued that the project with K was genuine 
but that the CWL/AB accretions were unnecessary and were legitimately tossed 
out by K. 

2) You posit that the Torch-bearer, to be genuine and acceptable in 
your conceptualization, should have taught a psychological key promoting 
psychological change, non-sectarianism and altruism. One could argue that 
Krishnamurti's mature teachings fits the bill quite nicely and is quite free 
from "any more or less emotional-wave related Savior sectarian doctrine." 

3) K himself, being arguably the ultimate insider of the whole saga, 
claimed in a somewhat puzzling and indirect manner the status of being the 
expected Torch-bearer of Truth. He said: "Mrs. Besant intended the land at 
Adyar [the T.S. international headquarters] to be meant for the teaching. 
The Theosophical Society has failed, the original purpose is destroyed." I 
argue in my paper on K that this statement is structurally congruent with 
HPB's Torch-bearer program for the TS. 

4) Nobody else has come as close as K to fulfill HPB's Torch-bearer 

There are other sets of statements to be made from different positions. I 
have argued for a long time that the project with K was genuine but had 
failed and that Cyril Scott, David Anrias, Geoffrey Hodson and Elizabeth 
Clare Prophet had the correct evaluation of what had gone wrong. The 
skeptical position in regards to HPB would put the whole narrative into 
question as a series of concoctions, delusions and manipulations, a 
perspective I'm seriously exploring. 



From: <> <> 
[mailto: <> <> ] 
Behalf Of M. Sufilight 
Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 4:19 PM 
To: <> <> 
Subject: Re: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question 

Dear Govert and friends 

My views are: 

I will here in the below seek to help you in understanding my view on the 
matter by writing at least a few pages on it all. 
I also write so that other Seekers might benefit from it all. (I can only 
recommend a research in the references given.) 

I understand that you forward this as a proof on you assertion. 
But, I think that you misjudge the old lady - Blavatsky - a bit when you go 
and interpret this as if such a "torch-bearer" should be a Messiah or World 
Teacher - let alone named Maitreya or Christ. Because this was not the words 
- chosen by Blavatsky, but the words chosen by you it seems. And I am sure 
that Blavatsky would have chosen at different kind of formulation if she 
meant what you clearly seem to imply. 
And the below quotes from her hand - should settle this question clearly and 
strongly enough.(Annie Besant's views are merely her own - I am not aware of 
any documentation supporting her claim that Blavatsky had such a view as her 
own - as stated in the footnote - and nothing is - clearly - mentioned by 
Blavatsky and others about that the MAIN reason for founding the 
Theosophical Society was to prepare for a Messiah --- The Original Objects 
given in 1875 is here: --- "no 
creed to disseminate"...etc. etc.) 

The "torch-bearer" in mention - would therefore as I see it simply be a 
Bodhisattva or one of the initiated Chelas, who would be chosen for such a 
task. A role she claimed for Cagliostro and the Count St. Germain in the 
18th century. (See primarily "Chelas And Lay Chelas" by Blavatsky) And her 
self no doubt in the 19th century. The one claimed to have --- possibly --- 
arrived in the 20th century - I have not discovered yet, although I have my 
ideas. But the teachings must have dealt with the science on psychology - in 
a very profound manner, and seven-fold too. More in the below on this. 

We aught to bear in mind - that such a one only would arrive according to 
Blavatsky --- "If the present attempt, in the form of our Society, succeeds 
better than 
its predecessors have done" ---- We can easily question whether is has 
succeeded better or not. And aught perhaps to do so. 

(((----- Other reference related to all the above are the following: --- 
BCW, Vol. 1 p. 141 --- and --- BCW, Vol. 12. p. 81, "Kenneth MacKenzie has 
well proven that Cagliostro had never mixed himself up with political 
intrigue-the very soul of the activities of the Jesuits." ----this one was 
for the Alice A. Bailey camp --- See Mahatma LETTER No. LXV --- See also 
"Theosophical Glossary", 1892 at "St. Germain" - the second world war 
predicted by Blavatsky and John King's portrait did it as well - - with the Swastica and 
Jew Star and all. The Law of Karma will not bend, and the negative magicians 
have their fall. But these are my views, and somebody will say that I 
interpret too much in alle this. -----))) 

The teaching forwarded by such a "Torch-bearer" (not a Messiah mind you) in 
mention, would no doubt give emphasis on the Psychological Key to the Secret 
Doctrine of all ages - also as a natural result a doctrine giving emphasis 
on Atma-Vidya (Gupta-Vidya, the same). Also called the "mystical" or moral 
key - the first key that need to be turned - Because there cannot be any 
real Altruism promoted without a PSYCHOLOGICAL CHANGE in the Individual. 
This must be clear. And since 1888 - the Science of Psychology (therefore 
both esoteric and exoteric !!!) has made its - slowly and almost invisible - 
almost "french" entree - in the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern as well, 
and North and South, - and the percentage of human beings being able to read 
and write on globe as such has increased quite visibly. Taking this into 
account aught to give the readers an idea about what such a Torch-bearer 
necessarily must teach - IF - he or she should arrive and karma will permit 
such an arrival - or has arrived. - And the science on Subtle Mind Control - 
would no doubt be - carefully and efficiently - taken into account - when 
such a doctrine was or would be forwarded. - Just like the scientific 
doctrine on "matter" and "substance" was dealt very much with by Blavatsky 
in her book the Secret Doctrine. This seem pretty logical. 
---- Others disagree on the above. And those who disagree most often - do 
not know a trifle about the psychological science or the psychological 
science on Subtle Mind Control. A science - not a belief. And this science 
in our times - is the Psychological Key - and - A Key to the esoteric 
Psychology. (The reason why the Psychological Key is important is also seen 
here: "Esoteric Character Of The Gospels" by Blavatsky, CBW, VII, p. 182 . 
"The first key that one has to use to unravel the dark secrets" 
seq. - and the rest.... --- and from this article and other papers - 
historical evidence about the Mysteries through the centuries - and - by 
analogical contemplations - one will see that the "new" science of 
psychology (both esoterical and exoterical) is the next important step on 
this planet for humanity. Today we have psychology creeping in all and 
everywhere. - At work in nearly all the profit scheming companies, in nearly 
all the alternative treatments of all sorts (hundred years ago - the 
soothsayers and "quacks" operated differently - smile), coaching workshops, 
spin among politicians and civil servants, Even the dogmatic religions had 
to take psychology seriously, although unwillingly as usual. - And it 
arrived really visibly as officially mentioned in the 1879 or 1880 or so - 
on a wave running parallel with the formation of the Theosophical Society. 
So you see - there is more than one thing going on on this our little planet 
- while cycle of evolution goes on - with little sweet babies getting born, 
grow up and begin to walk, become adults, get old and die - all the many 
lifes that constantly arrive and depart on this planet or world - and the 
lokas - with the eleusian fields, hades, "walhalla", devachan and all that.) 

All the above ---- still does not remove the fact - I questioned you about 
Govert - that the Theosophical Society was PRIMARILY founded so to promote 
altruism. Not not primarily so to prepare the arrival of a Messiah. So the 
founding of The Theosophical Society aught certainly not to be connected 
with any more or less emotional-wave related Savior sectarian doctrine in 
any manner what so ever. This is there I disagreed with you. 
This you not see this? 

And if an Avatar arrives - the doctrine - will no doubt be about Altruism 
regard to any human (because we are all temples of the divine - according to 
the ancient Wisdom traditions of all ages and cultures) and organisation - 
ie. the psychological key - and - must be to promote altruism through an 
Absolutely Non-Sectarian organisational aim - and - even non-organisational 
- aim, because humans live like ebb and flood, extrovert and introvert, in 
various phases of life. And any teaching by an Avatar seeking to promote a 
sectarian doctrine - will quite obviously fail in these days - as it has 
done in the past decades - although quite a number of the past Initiated 
teachers - have been plastered with being sectarian - by the same sectarian 
persons - who still are scheming sectarianism and even dogmatism. However, 
these are merely my humble views - But I challenge any one to - disprove 
them. If they are able - they will find a willing listener. This is written 
from the heart seeking to promote altruism for us all. 

The below is a contrast to the idea that Blavatsky meant a Messiah - when 
she mentioned the POSSIBLE - arrival of a Torch-Bearer in the 20th century. 

H. P. Blavatsky said: 
"With the spread of the spiritualistic cult, the Messiah craze has vastly 
increased, and men and women alike have been involved in its whirlpools. 
Given, a strong desire to reform somehow the religious or social aspect of 
the world, a personal hatred of certain of its aspects, and a belief in 
visions and messages, and the result was sure; the "Messiah" arose with a 
universal panacea for the ills of mankind. If he (very often she) did not 
make the claim, it was made for him. Carried away by the magnetic force, the 
eloquence, the courage, the single idea of the apostle pro tem, numbers, for 
very varied reasons, accepted him or her as the revelator of the hour and of 
all time. " 
"With the advent of Theosophy, the Messiah-craze surely has had its day, and 
sees its doom." 

H. B. Blavatsky wrote: 
"It is, however, right that each member, once he believes in the existence 
of such Masters, should try to understand what their nature and powers are, 
to reverence Them in his heart, to draw near to Them, as much as in him 
lies, and to open up for himself conscious communication with the guru to 
whose bidding he has devoted his life. THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE BY RISING TO 
(BCW; Vol. XII, p. 492) 

M. Sufilight says: 
My own view are the following....... 
People are always looking for an Avatar or a Saviour; that does not mean 
this is the time for an Avatar or a Christ Saviour. The problems that an 
Avatar or a Saviour would be 
able to resolve have not been identified. Nor does the clamor mean 
that those who cry out are suitable followers. Most of the people who 
demand an Avatar or a Christ Saviour seem to have some baby's idea of what 
an Avatar or a Saviour 
should do. The idea that an Avatar or a Christ Saviour will walk in and we 
will all 
recognize him, her or it and follow this being and everybody will be happy 
strikes me 
as a strangely IMMATURE ATAVISM. Most of these people, I believe, 
want not an Avatar or a Christ Saviour but excitement. I doubt that those 
who cry the 
loudest would obey an Avatar or a Christ Saviour if there was one. Talk is 
cheap, and a 
lot of the talk comes from millions of beginner seekers after truth and 
(Maybe the leaders at various esoteric groups would be kind to consider the 
above words. Okay?) 

A few extra views of my own.... 
There is no so-called "dead" matter. Atoms vibrate and rotate. From where is 
the force that makes them rotate, and make the electrons spin? From 
life-force, no doubt. 
Even your computerscreen and table is alive and livning. Alle the planets 
are living. The Sun-spots in the Sun seen by the astronomers are related to 
the expression of the heart of the Sun and occur every 10-11 years. And the 
Sun is very much related to the karmic cycles on our planet. It determines 
the humans our harvests of vegetables, corn, fruits and berries, and the 
food of animals - and photosynthesis is central here. The Sun is alive and 
breathes. All planets breathe. Science can still not find out why certain 
comets are not following ordinary physical laws of science. They can neither 
understand what force determines the spin of each planet. And the 
astronomers still talk about "dark matter" outside our Solar System - but 
they seem to forget to notify the chemist about that this "dark matter" 
might be very near to matter on earth as well. And we call it Ether or 
So where ever you look in the future, please realise that - all - this our 
universe is a living organism. Let us together respect each other as living 
breathing creatures - all divine in our inner nature. For each human is a 
Dhyan Chohan (with an esoterical Christian word an Archangel) which in its 
cycle of necessity had to make it self incarnate as a human - so to absorb 
the necessary exchange of energy or Akasic recording in the Universe. So in 
a sense we are here because some Dhyan Chohans need to learn what other 
Dhyan Chohans already have learned. 

All the above are of course only my humble views. 
But maybe some of the long time theosophists or other members on this forum 
would tell me something - I have overlooked - or could improve upon. I would 
gladly welcome something like that. 
Altruism is important, is it not? 
I do not claim my self infallible. - I just have the hope that you as 
members find the above useful. 

M. Sufilight 

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Govert Schuller 
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Subject: RE: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question 

Well, gentlemen, if you've read "The Masters and Their Emissaries: From HPB 
to Guru Ma and Beyond" at 
< > you might 
have found the following documentation in footnote 2: 

[The timing of this project is addressed in footnote 3 with a quote from 
Annie Besant] 

Blavatsky wrote in 1889: 

"If the present attempt, in the form of our Society, succeeds better than 
its predecessors have done, then it will be in existence as an organized, 
living and healthy body when the time comes for the effort of the XXth 
century. The general condition of men's minds and hearts will have been 
improved and purified by the spread of its teachings, and, as I have said, 
their prejudices and dogmatic illusions will have been, to some extent at 
least, removed. Not only so, but besides a large and accessible literature 
ready to men's hands, the next impulse will find a numerous and united body 
of people ready to welcome the new torch-bearer of Truth. He will find the 
minds of men prepared for his message, a language ready for him in which to 
clothe the new truths he brings, an organization awaiting his arrival, which 
will remove the merely mechanical, material obstacles and difficulties from 
his path. Think how much one, to whom such an opportunity is given, could 
accomplish. Measure it by comparison with what the Theosophical Society 
actually has achieved in the last fourteen years, with out any of these 
advantages and surrounded by hosts of hindrances which would not hamper the 
new leader. Consider all this, and then tell me whether I am too sanguine 
when I say that if the Theosophical Society survives and lives true to its 
mission, to its original impulses through the next hundred years--tell me, I 
say, if I go too far in asserting that earth will be a heaven in the 
twenty-first century in comparison with what it is now!" 

H.P. Blavatsky, The Key to Theosophy (London: Theosophical Publishing Co., 
1889), pp. 306-307. 

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<> ] 
Behalf Of Daniel 
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Subject: theos-talk Sufilight with an Important Question 

Good question. I will be looking forward for the documentation, too. 


--- In <> <> 
<> , 
"M. Sufilight" <global-theosophy@...> wrote: 
> Dear Daniel and friends 
> My views are: 
> I se not that many problems with most of what Govert are saying. 
> The books by the Ballards could easily be at the library at TS Adyar. 
> (Of course if there were a demand for them. Or donations of books were 
> Well, when I reached the following I hesitated immediately... 
> Govert wrote: 
> The Theosophical 
> Society was founded, not only to re-introduce to the west the idea of an 
> Wisdom, but also to prepare the world for the coming of a great teacher. 
> M. Sufilight says: 
> That was a new one to me. Govert? 
> Where are the documentation on this claim that the Theosophical Society 
was founded in 1875 for this reason? 
> I tend to disagree. 
> The Society was as I understand it founded so to promote altruism - since 
this was and still is the main object of the Theosophical Society. 
> All other ideas - cannot - be important or central in any manner. Since 
this Society was non-sectarian from its very beginning. 
> Else we can go and say that the Theosophical Society was founded so that 
you and I could become Avatars or clairvoyant etc. And anything else of a 
sectarian choosing. 
> M. Sufilight 
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: Daniel 
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> Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 6:36 PM 
> Subject: theos-talk Mahatmas versus Ascended Masters 
> Govert S. has written the following: 
> Readers may also want to read what HPB said: 
> On Pseudo-Theosophy and Pseudo-Adepts 
> Also see: 
> Some food for thoughtful reflection.... 
> Daniel 
> Blavatsky Archives 
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