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Olcott, the Picketts and Buddhist womenâs education

Jan 16, 2012 12:26 PM
by MKR

Olcott, the Picketts and Buddhist womenâs education

There is a very interesting article in the Sri Lankaâs Daily News. It is a
tribute to what Olcott did to Sri Lanka. Theosophists of his time were at
the forefront of movements affecting common man and woman.

No wonder that Olcott was picked to launch TS. When I look at what he did,
very few are fit to stand on his shoes even though many theosophists may be
scholarly and boast of their accomplishments outside to TS and related

I hope younger theosophists who read the accomplishments of Olcott and
others would be motivated to swing into action and move the TS forward.
This can and will happen only if all the old and very old folks do not
stand in their way in the mistaken belief that they have all the wisdom to
lead TS because of their physical age.

Here is the link to the article:



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