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Re: theos-talk the coming of the torch-bearer of truth.....

Jan 13, 2012 08:23 PM
by Augoeides-222


ÂThx, for all you do and your organized compilations. Just an aside, in your listings of later day personages you mention a Â"Brother Phillip" author of "Secret of the Andes". Brother Phillip was the nome de plume of Geo rge H unt Williamson ( also wnet by the name Micheal de Obronevic of the Romanoffs) who made expeditions to south America and the Marca Hausi Plateau. He also wrote : 

Secret Places of the Lion 

The Saucers Speak 

ÂOther Tongues --- Other Flesh 

UFO's Confidental 

He disappeared for many years and later turned up in Santa Barbara Ca. Associated with The Pacific Holistic Institute and was engaged in research upon the Glastonbury Zodiac, he passed away in the later 1980's. He was accussed of being member to the Silver Shirts Sect. 

Also Morten made mention of the swastica and jewish seal on the John King portrait. The swastica antedates hitler by a few thousands of years particular to the Buddhists and the pre-Buddhists Jina Bodhists. The Jewish seal was also long recognized as the Seal of the Hindu Vishnu. L Ron Hubbard reorganized it by inverting the lower triad so that both triangles pointed upward indicating ascent by re-intregation of Affinity, Reality, Communication and Be(ing) ,Do(ing), Have(ing) ,thereby morphing an ancient symbol intoÂa new modern statement of achievement possible for mankind. 

The three objects that Morten assigns exclusively to Theosophy actually were pick me ups from the Masonic Dogma and can be forund in Morals and dogma, I oten wondered why none have pointed that out for over 11 yars that I have been sitting here reading lol. 

beat regards to all, happy new year. 

PS: my old 8th grade science teacher told to always remember this "I will never become overwrought about conditions which are beyond my control". 


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Subject: theos-talk the coming of the torch-bearer of truth..... 


If HPB can be considered a teacher, the messenger of the masters, the torch-bearer of the truth for the 19th century, then surely one can be open to the idea expressed in 3 different statements given by HPB. In the following link in the section on Alice Bailey, the reader will find those 3 quotes by HPB: 

I would suggest that all three of these have to be carefully read and then one can ask how is all of this to be considered in light of the morass of claims and counter claims given out by all the individuals listed at the following link: 

and also what was the occult status of HPB? 

see the 4 quotes from the Mahatmas given in the 1st section of the following paper: 


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