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1a. Smouldering and Wounded Intellectual Pride

Jan 12, 2012 06:52 AM
by Mark Jaqua

    "Smouldering and Wounded Intellectual Pride" - a catchy phrase.  Besides ego and pride, there are actually issues of truth involved also, you know.
      Other than the apt phrase, IMHO, the psuedo-inspired writings are mostly looney malarky.  Being "inspired" or sensing an influence, isn't always or usually a good thing you know.  Hitler, Mao, and an immense host are "inspired" speakers and writers, but by what? That's why we have _Reason_, to check out our impulses.
                            - jake j.

>1a. Smouldering and Wounded Intellectual Pride.
    Posted by: "marcus_a_hughes" marcus_a_hughes
    Date: Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:03 am ((PST))

>Smouldering and Wounded Intellectual Pride.

>Can you see how no matter how far one journeys the only true objective is the ground below your feet.   Was Jesus mistaken to attempt educating the masses on the true nature of Mankind ???   Was the Buddha off his trolley when he tried to help the common people become enlightened.   Was Moses barking mad to lead the uneducated rabble slaves into the wilderness and expect them to create a new and better covenant?   With all possible reverence and respect.  These are a few examples of how great spiritual icons may have been perceived as suffering from a deluded expectation of God's creation.   The will of Allah   ????

>Wounded pride is when we expect other sentient beings to be the same as ourself.   It is our differences which enables compassion, tolerance and patience.    Ultimately those difference of opinion and interpretation are the source of celebration and the joy of learning something new every day, as we are so blessed with conscious awareness. This universal circumstance we find ourselves in today has no absolutes, in the past, present or future.    

>If today you say  "life is good"  then for you today, it is.   In this sense each one of us must take full responsibility for their condition of now.
>"The is no religion greater than truth"   your truth,  use this wisely. 

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