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Has money obesity led to TS lethargy?

Jan 11, 2012 07:38 AM
by MKR

Has obesity led to TS lethargy?

When TS was launched with just two individuals, HSO and HPB, they
accomplished a lot when travel and living conditions were very difficult.
They traveled and lectured far and wide and TS grew in leaps and bounds
around the world. Looking back, we are convinced of the wisdom of the Inner
Founders in choosing both of them. (They were meat eaters and smokers.
Shocking for anyone who has a stereotype of spiritual person today.)  One
problem they did not have was to deal with managing a lot of money in the
bank and lot of property to be administered.

Lo and behold. What do we have now? Membership is going South for years
except for India. Bank balances are becoming fatter and real estate
ownership accumulating. Dues have been increased in many Sections and
continued solicitation for donations. Aging leaders who know not what is
going on in real world of communication based on Internet. Looks like
obesity has set in slowly. And obesity leads to inactivity and lethargy.
Obesity is not good for oneâs health. By analogy it is true for spiritual
organizations as well.

For years, for example we have not seen any elected officials or traveling
lecturers in my city which is the seventh largest city in the USA. One
reason may be lodge does not have money or property to attract elected

Recently we were thrilled to see Professor Menonâs lecture on Theosophy and
Science put up on Youtube for the world to see. We heard that other
lectures were also videoed but yet to see any of them on Youtube. By the
way, Youtube is free. Does not cost a penny other than upload time and
resources. No one knows what is going on.

The GC meeting was held on December 25. Members know nothing about what was
discussed and what decisions were taken. Neither there is any news from
Adyar nor from the Sections on the meeting. Usually months after the
meeting, few crumbs are reported in print media. Why Internet is not used
to inform members on a timely basis on key issues discussed and decisions

For many members who have been around and very active for years, seeing all
this is very painful. If this trend continues, it may be time for the
traditional organizational model to change. Internet is the most powerful
change agent we have today and its reach has affected every aspect of
Humanity. More is yet to come.

Any feedback???


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