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Zoroaster and Non-Sectarianism

Jan 06, 2012 01:08 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Zoroaster and Non-Sectarianism

Sufilight's extreme ideas about _Total_ non-sectarianism are just so much balderdash, in my view, an _idee fixe_ and absurd in a "real world" - i.e. that a Theosophical organization can't at base show any predjudice for Theosophy, becauise this is being sectarian. For heaven's sake, the Adept KH even said that to follow them, that one has to ultimately become a Buddhist - a Nastika. The adepts are sectarian, That is good enough for me. Here's the quote: "There are 100 of thousands of Fakirs, Sannayasis and Saddhus leading the most pure lives, and yet being as they are, on the path of _error,_ ....Their forefathers have driven away the followers of the only true philosophy upon earth away from India and now, it is not for the latter to come to them but to them to come to us if they want us. Which of them is ready to become a Buddhist, a _Nastika_ as they call us?." (Mahatma Letters, p. 462, T.U.P. edition)

Also the long Zorastrain quotes. I put online at a few weeks ago "Zoroastrianism in Light of Theosophy," by Bilimoria, published by the Bombay Theosophical Society in about 1898. It is also on google, I think. It has some Besant and Leadbeater quotes in it, I didn't particularly care for, but couldn't ditch the book just because of that. The long Leadbeater quotes I think were plagiarized from a Mahatma Letter ledbetter had seen somehow before the MLs were published.

- jake j.


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