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Questions about K and Max Heindel

Jan 05, 2012 06:26 PM
by paulobaptista_v

I have a couple of questions about Krishnamurti and Heindel that I would like to ask:

1-I have read a biography about K written by Mary Lutyens. I don´t recall her mentioning Blavatsky. The question here is: did K ever read Isis, the SD, the "Key" or the "Voice of Silence"? Was he familiar with the history or with the literary output of the TS between 1875 and 1891?
Could he have been traumatized with the "Avatar" novel to a point where he rejected those writings, without having the full knowledge of them?

2-I have some of Max Heindel books, for example "The rosicrucian cosmo-conception", but never had the time to read them. I know that Heindel praised Blatavsky's work (but so did Alice Bailey)  
I very much agree with the criticisms that Cleather and Crump made to Bailey's work, it certainly appears to exist a strong interference of christianity in her work and there are many differences in comparison with the teachings of HPB/Masters. What I ask is if we can establish some sort of parallel with Heindel's books, because in them we detect a very strong emphasis in that sort of language we usually find in the Christian World. For instance, Annet Rich, by Heindel's request, wrote a book called "Christ or Buddha?" where in the introduction she says that the most advanced religion is Christianity, the "most sublime form of worship".


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